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71 Halloween recipes: the definitive cookbook

21 mayo, 2021

We all know it, Halloween is coming and today Spanish children live it with almost the same intensity as the Three Kings Day, devising scares, looking for sweets and thinking about what it will bring fun and terrifying party.

Without a doubt, the arrival of Halloween produces a double feeling of fear and joy. To help you prepare everything for that festive dinner, here are 71 recipes for everyone to remember that evening as the most fun of the year.

16 quick and easy Halloween recipes to have fun cooking with kids

Why is it that when someone gives us a scare we startle and then laugh? Why do we like that sensation that raises our adrenaline and our pulsations and then makes us feel good? Maybe that’s one of the reasons why the Halloween party that decades ago seemed totally alien to us, has made a place between us. All children are excited to dress up, play trick or treat and feel part of this tradition that is already so established in our culture that it has made other traditions such as Todos los Santos disappear – at least for them.

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From the classic Mummy Sausages to the cute spiders made with Oreo cookies, Halloween recipes have that appeal that everything related to terror produces. That double sensation of disgust and fear, which so well combines with laughter and illusion, as happens to us when we see a scary movie.

The aperitif that never fails

Cemetery Dip

This graveyard dip is a easy and quick recipe to prepare With which you are going to give the note for two main reasons: for its aesthetics (we cannot deny that it is a cool one) and for its delicious combination of flavors. That is why we leave you the complete recipe right here.

This graveyard dip for Halloween is made up of five layers. Each one made up of an ingredient or a mixture of several, which covers the surface of a 22x16cm mold. It does not require any cooking, you just have to mix, spread and go. These are the layers, in this order, from bottom to top: cooked beans, crème fraîche, seasoning for quesadillas and a few drops of tabasco, mashed avocado, mayonnaise and finely chopped garlic clove, Mexican sauce and finely cut iceberg lettuce. We draw the tombstones on one of the wheat tortillas and the tree on the other. Cut with sharp scissors and arrange on a baking tray. Place in the upper middle part of the oven and turn on the grill for 2-3 minutes at 300ºC (be careful not to burn them). We decorate the tombstones with messages, using an edible ink marker, place in the dip and ready to serve.


More great appetizers

Another very attractive option, and also healthy, is to make a pumpkin hummus, which can be presented with the vegetable itself as a container. The effort is minimal because the oven does the work. Another option is to prepare hummmus with black beans, shaped like a spider web, a truly spooky appetizer that will displace young and old.

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If you plan on having the children help you out in the kitchen, these eggs stuffed with spiders or demons are ideal, or some bleeding sausage fingers will provoke nervous laughter and a certain challenge for children. Who will be the first to dare to put them in their mouths? Will you dare to taste the bloody eyes of these creepy cheese bites?

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If you are going to serve some cheese, it will be much more terrifying if it is surrounded by these cute mice made with sponge cake and chocolate, pistachio shells and licorice. Nor can you fail to try one of our most recent additions, the Tutancamembert, a very easy baked cheese to make with children that pays tribute to the most famous mummy of all time.


As an aperitif you can also serve some vampire claws or skewered snakes made with pizza dough, which they will have fun trying, and which you can customize with sauces of your choice to get wet before taking a bite. Also with pizza dough, you can try some of these quick appetizer ideas for Halloween, which we share with you on video.

Do not forget our fantastic guacamonstruos, another very simple appetizer recipe with guacamole as the protagonist, which is also very healthy.

Another cheese recipe, ideal to make with children, are these witch brooms, a very easy to prepare appetizer that is absolutely stunning. Children will also enjoy these zucchini made with egg or with these others made with rice that will appeal to everyone, young and old.


Do not forget to prepare a lactose-free Halloween recipe or consider these gluten-free recipes in case a child has those food intolerances.

Finally, as an aperitif, we recommend these hilarious quesadillas in the shape of jack-o-lantern, the popular Halloween pumpkin. They are super easy to make and can be planned as a last minute snack.


Halloween recipes so that they leave home dinners

Although during the party they have pecked something and the children will surely want to go straight for the sweets, many parents will prefer that children leave the Halloween party “dinner”. Nothing better than a ghost pizza made with mozzarella to make sure they leave happy and with a full belly, or some burgers tuned for Halloween, or a portion of our zombie tuna patty full of worms.

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We can also make roast potatoes with a creepy touch or serve a terrifying dish of honey bats made with chicken wings. For those who do not know what to cook or have not planned the snack dinner in advance, we always have the possibility of making fried eggs, turned into skeleton eggs with this easy preparation.

Poisoned Cake

Finally, we recommend this funny poisoned cake, stuffed with mushrooms and egg, which makes a great main course for Halloween.

If instead of a party you organize a dinner or a family reunion …

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If you organize a dinner or a family reunion, we propose recipes that cousins, brothers-in-law, brothers and nephews like, so that everyone has fun and at the same time feels well fed. We can start biting something fun like these cheese monsters, monster eggs, or worm pits, which will serve us perfectly as starters.

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After that peck, We propose dishes such as pumpkin cream with cobwebs, or the chilling peppers stuffed with red cabbage. Another original idea as a main dish is to serve some bloody broken bones that we will make with puff pastry and bolognese sauce but that with their realism they will make us doubt before trying them.

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For dessert, although below we will tell you a lot of sweet ideas with cake desserts and other delicious recipes, we can serve some very easy and fun monstrous cakes for all of us who get together at home, as a simple dessert.

Our sweet ideas for a Halloween party

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To leave on the candy table, you can do a lot of quick and easy things that they will always like. For example, some sweet licorice witch brooms or some chocolate ghost lollipops are great as a snack to finish, or to give prizes to those who win in contests or activities that we organize at home. The same goes for chocolate cobwebs, fun and very simple like the Oreo spider lollipops with white chocolate.

A) Halloween cookies

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If you want to put cookies and other sweet snacksWe recommend the monster eye cookies, the pumpkin-shaped cookies or the cinnamon bats and Oreo owls that Maria José dazzled us with a few years ago.

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Any of these cookie recipes for Halloween will appeal to everyone, although my favorites are these adorable spider cookies that Liliana showed us a couple of weeks ago. As surely there will be food left over, you can make some bags and put some cookies in each one for the attendees to take home as souvenirs.

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We also love spider-infested cookies, chocolate skeleton cookies or ghostly brownies decorated with clouds and chocolate or witch’s tree bark made with pumpkin and that They are very easy to prepare.

Mummy Cookies

And how to forget the pumpkin mummy cookies, which are great to make something special and entertaining with the children, as no special molds or a perfect finish are needed.

B) Cakes that are … scary

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To end a Mending her on Halloween, a cake to share is the best proposal. Over the years, we’ve made many Directo al Paladar like this wonderful Jack Skellington cake that you are sure to love trying. The same goes for this rustic pumpkin pie with bats or this chocolate graveyard cake.

Zombie Cake

One of our latest additions is the zombie cake, one of the most terrifying that you can prepare. “You cannot imagine how much fun I had with my nephews deciding where we were going to break the dough to make the mouth, the eyes or the scars,” its author, María José, told us.

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This chocolate cake with meringue ghosts will be a success with the little ones but the older ones will surely dare with the red velvet cake with its blood dripping and the knife stuck in it. terrorize even the most accustomed to the Halloween party.

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C) Cupcakes and the like

If you prefer to make smaller sweet bites, you can save the cakes for another occasion and prepare some cupcakes. In that case, I recommend the terrifying chocolate cupcakes or the wonderful mummy cupcakes, which will delight everyone.

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If you want to do the cupcakes with bugsThese chocolate spider cupcakes are fun, rich and scary … Of course we also love more traditional ones like pumpkin cupcakes with cream cheese topping.

In a small format, we can make Halloween cakes or cake pops that are practical so as not to overdo it with sweets.


For friends of the series, these heads slaughtered from Game of Thrones, are perfect and easy to make, and the realism of blood made with jam and hair made with chocolate, makes them irresistible. In the geek repertoire …