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7 ways to enjoy good pork carnitas

30 mayo, 2021

We Mexicans have a guilty taste that we can never deny: pork carnitas. And it is that they are very craving to see them, desirable when perceiving their aroma and, when tasting them, they are simply irresistible!

If you are also a super fan of pork carnitas (and we do not doubt that you are) we invite you to know these 7 ways to prepare them.

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The incredible history of carnitas

Pork carnitas tacos are protagonists in the history of Mexico. Yes, this is how amazing this popular dish is.

The carnitas in tacos are part of the syncretism between the meeting of pre-Hispanic cultures and the conquerors from the ancient continent. Here is the interesting story:

It is said that when the Mexica were defeated by the army of Hernán Cortés with the help of the Tlaxcalans, the conqueror ordered his people to sacrifice the pigs they had brought from Cuba to celebrate their victory.

After preparing the meat, they were faced with a dilemma: there was no wheat to make bread and accompany the feast. However, the Spanish had invited the Tlaxcalans to the festivities, and they came up with a good idea.

To celebrate the much desired fall of Tenochtitlán (yes, because the Tlaxcalans were fed up with the abuses of the Mexica) the natives brought their “corn bread” that is, the tortillas, to which they threw the pieces of pork.

We don’t have to explain the result to you, because you have to know it very well: in addition to the victory, Spaniards and Tlaxcalans inaugurated the first taquiza in history, with what? Well, with pork carnitas.

Meat tacos

Other curiosities about these tacos

  • The carnitas tacos fulfill, in this 2019, 498 years of existence (they go for 500!).
  • You can order your tacos in many varieties, including Cuerito, Rib, Nana, Trompa, Tripa, Cheek, Ear and Nenepil.
  • Tlaxcala comes from Nahuatl and means “place of corn bread”, and it couldn’t have a better name.
  • Several states of the Mexican Republic dispute its gastronomic origin, among them, Michoacán, Querétaro, Jalisco, Hidalgo and even Mexico City.
  • Santa Clara del Cobre (Michoacán) is where the famous pots for frying carnitas are made by hand.

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What are carnitas made of and how are they made?

These are the final product of the fried pork in its own lard, and it is seasoned with different herbs, water and salt.

As a result, we have the solid (clean meat without bone, skin or viscera), which is combined with other parts of the pork, including:

  • Bofe (lung)
  • Buche (belly)
  • Cachete
  • Heart
  • Criadilla (the testicles)
  • Cuerito (skin)
  • Liver
  • Language
  • Gut
  • Nana (matrix)
  • Nenepil (uterus and belly)
  • Ear
  • Horn
  • Kidneys
  • Virile (penis)


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