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7 tips to get the most out of your refrigerator

24 mayo, 2021

There is a particular appliance that we are very concerned about taking care of the space: you thought well, the fridge. And there is nothing that gives us a bigger headache than a saturated fridge in which space is not enough.

It is not only about making the most of its capacity: we also want it to be well ordered and with the food in sight to prevent it from spoiling.

Today we share the best tips to make the most of your refrigerator and make it last clean, tidy and, of course, with space!

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7 tips to get the most out of your refrigerator

We leave you some tips and a scheme to organize it properly and make your space better. In addition, it will be a way to keep it more free of bacteria and other pathogens:

  1. Use door gaps for products that don’t suffer from constant temperature changes as much as packaged dairy.
  2. Store meats or foods that drain in airtight, closed containers to avoid spillage.
  3. Store leafy vegetables in the lowest zone (where they receive a constant temperature) and, if you can, in paper bags or in newspaper. They will stay fresher!
  4. For cooked foods, use transparent and lidded packages, so you will not open them before filling them and bacteria will not enter.
  5. Move canned goods out of containers and put them in front. Discard them after 5 days of storage.
  6. Put the fruits in bags with airtight seal (remove the air from the inside before closing them) so that they are better preserved.
  7. The sweets and jams go to the front and in their container. The sugar will keep them from breaking down quickly.

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