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7 teas to sleep better

25 mayo, 2021

Do you want to rest fully? Try these teas for
sleep better and get sweet dreams.

So that you have the rest you deserve and can completely relax at night, we suggest you know and try some of these 7 teas for better sleep.

These infusions that we recommend are also ideal for those days when you feel very exhausted, stressed, have a headache or suffer from muscle pain. Besides tasting delicious, you can take them daily as they are a good home remedy and above all, natural.

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Goodbye to coffee at night

7 teas for better sleep

Avoid coffee at night.

How long have you felt like you didn’t get enough rest? If what you are looking for are herbal teas to sleep better. You will certainly have to forget about drinking coffee at night as a cup of coffee will prevent you from relaxing and falling asleep quickly.

According to the University of Colorado-Boulder in the United States, caffeine slows down our biological clock by 40 minutes. This means that if you have a coffee in the afternoon, it is almost certain that it will take this time to be able to fall asleep. Not nice, right?

Don’t forget that caffeine is also found in cola, chocolate, some medications, and even teas or herbal teas. So avoid them hours before going to bed as well.

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Teas for better sleep

I give you 12 flowers

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  1. ChamomileChamomile, also known as chamomile, will make you feel muscle relaxation. Therefore, it also works if you take a bath with essences of this herb. If indigestion constantly does its thing, prepare a chamomile infusion to forget about those problems and sleep better. Chamomile will help you sleep faster and better, even if you have stress and depression problems.
  2. Valerian: Valerian infusions are characterized by their calming effect, which will allow you to sleep soundly. It is so effective that many say that you should prepare to fall asleep in a few minutes. This drink is highly recommended for days where you suffered from a lot of anxiety and stress.
  3. Jasmine: This gentle herb can help children and adults sleep much better. In addition, it eliminates muscle and headaches. Without a doubt you should have it in your cupboard for any occasion.
  4. Lavender: the fragrance of this herb has a relaxing power, for this reason baths with lavender essence are also recommended to rest, as well as infusions.
  5. Passionflower: This is a traditional drink that every grandmother wanted to offer you after a big scare, remember? You can also drink this infusion after a long day where the headache does not leave you alone.
  6. Linden tea: this drink guarantees you deep relaxation. Many say that it also helps, like chamomile, to fight stomach problems. Ideal to drink after an anxiety attack.
  7. Orange blossom: lastly, don’t forget this infusion. With it you will overcome insomnia. This herb has sedative properties to achieve a mind-body balance. It is highly recommended for nervous people who are going through a stressful situation.

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Natural sleep health

Herbs to sleep

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Taking care of your tranquility and well-being should be one of your daily priorities, and what better if you choose natural remedies to achieve it. Now that you know which are the best sleep teas, tell us if you would add another one to the list.

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