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7 recipes with scrambled eggs for family breakfast

25 mayo, 2021

Delicious and yielding: this is how the scrambled eggs, and that is why they are the ideal breakfast for the family. That is why we share these recipes with you so that you start the day with the best flavor and company.

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5 tips to make the best scrambled eggs

Huauzontle recipe with scrambled egg

This huauzontle scrambled egg recipe is perfect for breakfast. We share the super easy step by step.

  1. It is very important that you choose the correct pan, and it must have non-stick. Preferably it is of a small measure so that the egg has the ideal doneness.
  2. For frying, you can use oil or butter, either works great. The difference lies more in the flavor you want to give it.
  3. Start with a medium heat to heat the oil or butter; when you pour the egg, lower the temperature.
  4. Whether you fry them in or out of the pan, the key is in the shake you give them. You should not beat them too much, as you can damage their consistency. It is best to break them directly in the pan over low heat, shake them a little, wait a bit and shake them again until they are done.
  5. Before mixing with your favorite ingredients, fry these separately and then mix.

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Is the egg bad for your health?

Cook egg

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In fact, the egg raises cholesterol, only if we consume it in excess.


Eggs are one of the main foods with cholesterol, but this is necessary for the body to form hormones and new cells.

In addition, it has proteins and vitamin D that help the fixation of calcium in the bones. “It is not so much the egg, but if we consume 3 pieces a day that will exceed the daily requirement,” reports the nutritionist Yocelin Esparza from the Nutrest center.

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Expert recommendation

For a healthy person, two to three pieces per week are recommended, but if they have had heart attacks or their ‘bad’ cholesterol (LDL) is very high, the ideal is one per week or one every 15 days.

If we prepare it with oil, it is better that it does not burn. We can use the cooking spray or prepare it in a pan that does not stick.

Try not to mix the egg with cold cuts such as ham, sausage or bacon, and if you are trying to lower your cholesterol levels you could eat 2 egg whites and a yolk, this will give you more protein and reduce fat.

You can accompany it with avocado, an oatmeal water smoothie or soy milk. These are combinations that will allow you to better metabolize the egg, adds Yocelin.

Scrambled egg recipes