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7 recipes with boiled egg for breakfast, lunch or dinner

25 mayo, 2021

The boiled egg It is one of the easiest ways to prepare and enjoy this food, which is very versatile and combines with many ingredients.

Today we share 7 recipes for you to prepare for breakfast, lunch or dinner, and they are for the whole family!

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Boiled egg: how long do I have to wait for it to be perfect?


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Did you know that the time it takes to cook an egg in boiling water depends on how you want to consume it? The egg needs to cook for a certain time to be just right.

These are the approximate times, considering that the eggs are at room temperature:

  • Warm: they are immersed in the water when it reaches the boiling point and they are left for 2 or 3 minutes.
  • Hard white and soft yolk: at the precise moment when the water comes to a boil, the eggs are added; after 5 or 6 minutes, they are removed with a slotted spoon.
  • Hard: cook 10 minutes in boiling water. And so that the yolk remains centered, the egg is turned several times until it forms a whirlpool, and eventually this movement is continued during cooking.
  • If you prepare them scrambled, cook them for 2 minutes; if they are fried for 4 and, preferably, cover the dish to keep the heat and the eggs to cook completely.

Keep an eye out: Try to cook them well to eliminate any possibility that they are contaminated with salmonella.

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Peel the cooked eggs in two steps

boiled egg diet 2

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Shake them in a metal bowl to break up their skins and peel them super easy under running water. They will look great and without dirtying your kitchen!

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Cooked egg recipes that you should prepare

See Recipes:

  • Cooked Egg Salad with Cucumber and Peanuts

    Boiled egg salad

    Rich and balanced! We invite you to prepare this cooked egg salad with cucumber and peanuts. Take note of the recipe.

  • Recipe for a salad with egg, vegetables and corn

    The richest salad you’ve ever tasted is about to arrive in your kitchen. Prepare this recipe for a salad with eggs, vegetables and corn.

  • Noodle soup with egg and plantain

    egg noodle soup

    We bring you a very original and delicious combination: noodle soup with egg and plantain. Don’t savor it any more and prepare it!

  • Hard boiled eggs stuffed with potato croquettes

    hard-boiled eggs

    Prepare an original and delicious ideal for your children, like these boiled eggs stuffed with potato croquettes, they will love them!

  • Potato and egg salad with chimichurri

    potato and egg salad

    Make a flavorful side dish with this Chimichurri Egg and Potato Salad. An exquisite delight!

  • Nutritious kids breakfasts: mouse egg

    Nutritious kids breakfasts: mouse egg

    Nutritious children’s breakfasts are essential for their growth, development and school performance – and even better if they are creative! That’s why we bring you this mouse egg, perfect for you …

  • Eggs with spiders

    Eggs with spiders

    A good party always has delicious snacks in between and for a Halloween celebration these cannot be absent either, so get to work and prepare these …