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7 recipes to enjoy at lunchtime

28 mayo, 2021

Eating balanced is super important in our day to day. And the meal time It is key so that we can take advantage of the nutrients of the main food groups: fruits and vegetables, cereals, legumes and foods of animal origin.

That is why we want to share with you these 7 recipes to enjoy at lunchtime, very easy, practical and balanced, ideal for your lifestyle.

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Learn to eat!

If you have already decided to eat a healthier diet, El Plato del Bien Comer is an excellent guide to make your diet more balanced.

Years ago and for a long time, people used the nutritional pyramid, a scheme that provided the basis for a healthy diet. They probably showed it to you during your childhood and taught you to consume foods based on it.

Now the guide is the Plate of Well Eating, a way to balance our diet. It is made up of vegetables and fruits, cereals, legumes, animal products and fats. Each group is important to know if what we eat and its proportion are adequate to be healthy.

Fruits and vegetables

shelled fruits

It is a group made up of many species and varieties. Its qualities are the vitamins, minerals and fiber they contain; In addition, their caloric intake is scarce.

As almost 90% of its weight is water, it is the most important group on the plate and from which you should consume at least five servings a day.

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They provide energy to your body and help you have the energy reserves necessary to live. Also, if you exercise, they will help you have more stamina. They should make up 30% of your plate, but don’t forget to eat them in moderation.

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If you combine them with cereals, you will obtain high quality proteins and you will better absorb the nutrients of both groups. The area where they are located is larger than animal proteins, so consume them more than the latter group. Include them in 15% of your diet.

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Foods of animal origin

They are necessary in your daily consumption, but this depends on your regime and activity. Choose products with less fat (such as lean cuts) so that you get a quality diet. They are in red, so moderate their consumption (25% of your diet should include them). Try to always combine them with vegetables in your garnishes.

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They are not prohibited, but their intake should be moderate. They are the smallest, although essential: 5% of your diet should contain this group of foods because they are essential for making vital substances in your body, such as some hormones.

Prefer vegetable fats over animal fats (for example, olive oil, instead of butter), that way you will have a full plate at each meal.

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Mealtime recipes

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