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7 healthy food recipes for quarantine

25 mayo, 2021

For this quarantine season it is important that we do not neglect our diet, and that is why we want to share these with you recipes very healthy for you and your family.

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During quarantine we can fall into different excesses: repeating the same meals or foods in the week, constantly changing schedules, eating between meals due to anxiety or simply stopping eating.

It is important that we maintain good eating habits so that our health is not affected. This way we will be more protected from any infection.

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What food recipes are the healthiest?

Something that you should always keep in mind is that your meals, no matter what they are, must be balanced and include the three main food groups: cereals, vegetables and fruits, legumes and foods of animal origin.

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These should be included daily. To make it easier for you, you can make a weekly calendar. This will not only help you plan your meals, you can also plan your purchases at the supermarket and make a budget so as not to waste food.

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These are some dishes or food recipes that you can include in your planning, and below you will find the step by step of these recipes.


mexican salad with chicken

They are perfect to include the basic food groups, as well as being very light. The best thing is that you can create your combinations to make them delicious. Of course, remember that its ingredients must be balanced.

You can include salads 2-3 times a week, as long as you don’t repeat all the ingredients. The green leaves are ideal to prepare them: use quelites or radish or beet leaves, which are healthy and inexpensive.

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Broths and soups: an ideal meal to take care of yourself



These provide great nutrients and not only that: they are very abundant and you can also combine them in a very delicious way with other ingredients.

One of the most recommended broths to increase defenses is chicken broth that, combined with vegetables, will become a very healthy source of food. Accompany it with tortillas for a more complete meal.

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lentils how to make

These are typical, very delicious, abundant and you can also prepare them in very healthy ways. Also, many include all three food groups.

You can prepare many rich combinations, such as nopales with steak, minced meat with vegetables, stewed chicken and much more.

Remember that it is important to include fruits and vegetables daily, preferably raw.

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Healthy food recipes

See Recipes:

  • Grilled breast with arugula salad

    grilled breast with arugula salad

    Enjoy the rich combination of this grilled breast with arugula salad. Take note of the ingredients and the step by step.

  • Pasta salad with tuna and kale

    pasta salad with tuna and kale

    For something light this season, make this Tuna Kale Pasta Salad. Follow the step by step.

  • Chicken Banana Stew


    If you have chicken and bananas at home, it’s the cue you need to make the Chicken Banana Stew Recipe. You’re going to suck your fingers! Did you fancy it? …

  • Lentil stew with chorizo

    lentils how to make them

    Looking for a new stew? Today we show you this recipe for lentils how to make them with chorizo ​​so that you can enjoy them at home.

  • Chicken and vegetable broth with rice

    chicken and vegetable broth

    Improve your mood with the infallible granny recipe: learn how to prepare this chicken and vegetable broth with rice. You will not regret!

  • Quick and easy recipe to make pitas with salpicón

    pitas with spatter

    Enjoy a recipe inspired by the Middle East but with a Mexican touch, of course don’t forget the sauce.

  • How to make beef broth with rice

    beef broth with rice

    Learn how to prepare a traditional and delicious beef broth with rice, just like your grandmother used to make. You’ll love it! Cuts most used for a beef broth Neck:…