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67 easy and delicious healthy recipes

23 mayo, 2021

Eggplant is one of my wild card vegetables that always gets me out of trouble when I don’t know what to prepare, and it is a key part of a multitude of dishes. It is a food with very few calories but very rich in nutritional properties, versatile and, above all, it is a delight. Do you lack ideas to cook them? Here you have 67 healthy eggplant recipes to get a lot out of it.

I have never understood that to remove the bitterness of the eggplant; Either I like the bitter taste too much or those of today are much sweeter than they were years ago. Of course, everyone is free to take that previous step or jump straight into cooking this nutritious vegetable. Roasted, stuffed, sautéed … admits so many preparations that it is impossible to get bored eating eggplants.

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Aubergine in cold dishes is delicious, that’s a fact. They know this well in other Mediterranean countries, and this is demonstrated by dishes as rich as the Greek melitzanosalata or the Jordanian version of baba ganush or mutabal. They are salads in creamy version not to stop wetting, they would make a combination at the table with a variety of hummus.

Also this vegetable matches well with fruits both sweet and acidic; I really like it in recipes like the warm aubergine and cherry salad with lamb’s lettuce. Simply grilling it and letting it marinate with a good dressing It is already a delicious base that will explode in flavor when combined with some cheese.

Appetizer and snacking recipes

Eggplant dip

The world of tapas also has a lot to thank for the helpful aubergine. We can start with recipes as typical as eggplant sticks with honey, addictive, or simple fried slices for which we have a trick that will not suck as much oil.

With its creamy meat you can make many spreads or vegetable patés, such as this Middle Eastern-style spicy dip, and it also gives a lot of play to assemble skewers and canapes of all kinds, for example on a toast with smoked cod.

Very versatile vegetarian recipes

Eggplant Meatballs

This nightshade is a wonderful companion to meat and fish, but it is also a star ingredient of many vegetarian and vegan dishes. Well cooked with many spices, it can be turned into a spectacular curry of aubergine, tomato and spinach to accompany rice, and also combines wonderfully with other grains and cereals, as in this saffron couscous with roasted aubergine and pepper.

Sautéed or baked it becomes a first course or garnish which can be transformed into a light dinner, such as this aubergine and pepper sauté with yogurt sauce or with recipes as traditional as the delicious Mallorcan tumbet. There is no doubt that spices do wonders with this vegetable, you just have to see dishes such as eggplant in tomato sauce with curry and coconut.

Stuffed Eggplant Recipes

Stuffed aubergines with spinach

Due to their particular shape and the mellowness of their meat, aubergines are perfect for filling and roasting in the oven, fantastic with a final touch of gratin. Among the most classic recipes we have the aubergines stuffed with meat, with a mixture of minced pork or beef mixed with a light béchamel, but they can also be made with poultry meat, as in these aubergines stuffed with chicken.

And of course there are more options including vegetarian proposals, some so light such as roasted aubergines with cherry yogurt sauce or the similar variant with yogurt and pomegranate sauce. And why not some eggs to the nest in eggplant.

Pasta, pizzas and savory cakes

Pasta with aubergine

Although the savory tarts and quiche type They tend to feature other vegetables, the truth is that aubergine can also give us exquisite results in these preparations. Encourage us to try, for example, the colorful spiral of vegetables on puff pastry to start, and then you can enjoy the aubergine cake. They are very easy and always triumph at the table.

My boyfriend is not particularly amused by herself, but she always leaves the plate clean when I include this vegetable in pasta recipes. We can add it to a simple tomato sauce, well minced, or bet on classic Italian flavors without complications, such as the fettuccine recipe with au gratin aubergines and tomatoes. Better pizza? Try the aubergine and bacon pizza and you will surely repeat.


And more varied recipes with aubergine

St. jacobos

Do not leave yet, we have more varied proposals to continue taking advantage of the eggplant in the kitchen. Did you miss marine ideas? Then you will love the surprising San Jacobos with aubergine stuffed with salmon or the recipe for tuna with aubergine and tomatoes. And so that carnivores do not complain, we add the chicken in aubergine and tomato sauce, a very easy and healthy dish.

Eggplant Omelette

With few calories and very rich in fiber, minerals and vitamins, the eggplant is not only at its best, it is also the best time to enjoy it. Also encourage us to try different varieties of this vegetable to discover different nuances of flavor and texture. What is your favorite recipe with aubergine?