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63 recipes for healthy dishes to avoid gaining weight in quarantine

23 mayo, 2021

Already with several weeks of confinement behind our backs, home quarantine may start to take its toll on us. The new compulsory routines have disrupted our way of life and can generate situations of stress, anxiety and physical and mental exhaustion, many times directly affecting our relationship with food.

We know that we must avoid bingeing or resorting too much to those “comforting whims”, but it is not easy to maintain a healthy diet as a family in these difficult circumstances. Therefore, in addition to launching ourselves like crazy to make bread or cakes, we must bear in mind the importance of eat balanced so that health does not suffer.

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What may worry us the most is perhaps gaining weight, although it would not be a bad idea to say goodbye to the scale until we overcome this health crisis. This is not the time to be obsessed with the kilos or counting calories, but you do have to be vigilant to maintain a healthy lifestyle, under the circumstances.

Avoiding a sedentary lifestyle as much as possible, resting properly and knowing how to limit teleworking are issues as important as nutrition. Now more than ever we can banish that harmful concept of operation bikini, which would already be haunting us at this time, and focus better attention on eat healthy, balanced and varied.


It is not easy to stay motivated by preparing all the meals of the day at home, especially considering the limitations when shopping. That is why today we propose a good selection of simple ideas, say hello and for every taste, with which we hope the confinement is something more bearable.

Appetizers and snacks

We all know that snacking between meals is the first thing that is discouraged when it comes to controlling weight, but, let’s face it, these are extraordinary circumstances. The key is to do it the way controlled, conscious and consistent, without making it a constant daily habit and choosing nutritious options.

Popcorn Popcorn with turmeric, saffron and sesame.

We like to dedicate the weekend still to the aperitif, even if the days seem like clones of themselves, to get a little out of the routine. And the snacks of the rest of the days can be aimed at snacks that are not just empty calories, that are satiating, help calm anxiety and give us the necessary energy to continue teleworking or motivate ourselves to do sports at home or take care of children.

Breakfasts and snacks

Now that, theoretically, we have more time to dedicate to breakfast, there are fewer excuses to turn to commercial cookies or sugary cereals. If we don’t feel like having breakfast you don’t have to force yourself eitherAnd the same can be said of the snack, although the latter may be a bit of a prize that symbolically ends the workday (or obligations) at home.

Salads and other vegetable dishes

We are missing spring but some lucky ones will be able to have lunch or dinner at makeshift tables on the balcony, garden or terrace. Be that as it may, good weather can also be breathed at home and many more are wanted salads and fresher dishes and light in which vegetables are the main protagonists. As lunch, first course or dinner, it’s easy to avoid monotony without major complications.

Tomatoes Roasted cherry tomatoes with yogurt sauce.


Surely many families are rediscovering the pleasure of children. traditional legume dishes, cooking even lentils, chickpeas and beans starting from dry food, which spreads much more than canned cans. In addition to the classic stews and stews, it is a good time to expand our repertoire with, for example, different hummus or Asian flavors.

bean Arrocinas (or rice) beans stewed with vegetables.

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Sailor dishes

Fish and seafood, frozen or fresh and canned, should not be missing from our daily menus – unless we are vegetarian or vegan, of course. Source of high-quality protein and healthy fatsThey also have the advantage that they cook in a short time and you don’t have to get very creative to enjoy a very tasty dish. It is best to take advantage of seasonal specimens, such as mackerel or sarinas, to enjoy the best price.

Mackerel Grilled mackerel with creamy beet and ginger salad.

Meat and poultry recipes

Poultry meat is much lighter -in general-, but there is also room in our menus for occasional recipes with beef or pork, prioritizing the leanest cuts and mild preparations. Let’s not forget the rabbit, inexpensive, very tasty and with few calories, which we can cook or cook in a good rice with vegetables. The recipes that combine meat with vegetables and some carbohydrate They allow us to enjoy a very complete dish that is worth having leftovers to reuse.

Chicken Mediterranean-style chicken with olives and capers.

Nobody becomes bitter by a candy

If we started by indulging in an occasional snack, we couldn’t close this compilation without mentioning a few sweets. The fresh fruit It should be the daily “dessert” – and it is not mandatory to have dessert at every meal, snack or breakfast is another good time to eat it – but a more sweet snack can help us to cope with confinement at home.

Without ever forgetting that home baking is still pastry, something accessory that the body does not need, we can prioritize lighter or healthier recipes, which are also a pleasure good source of nutrients. In food, it is always preferable to bet on foods that add up to the positive, and not just empty calories.

Crumbles Minicrumbles with red fruits without sugar or butter.

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