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6 types of Mexican chili peppers to include in your recipes

24 mayo, 2021

If we Mexicans can be proud of something, it is our gastronomy and the great variety of foods that exist in our country. Among them, types of chili peppers They have made us famous all over the world, because they give our sauces and many traditional dishes an exquisite flavor.

How many types of Mexican chili peppers do you know? Here we share 6 varieties that should not be missing in your recipes. Use this great ingredient in your next dishes. You will not regret.

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6 types of Mexican chili peppers

Chile wide

Chile wide

Chile wide. Getty Images

It is a dry, dark red chili. This chili is not very spicy, in fact its flavor is almost sweet.

The ancho chili is essential in the preparation of moles and marinades and for filling. Other varieties are emerald, pavilion flower and verdeño. Those of good quality are flexible and have corrugated and shiny skin.

Enjoy its flavor with this recipe for mango steak rolls in ancho chili sauce. You will not regret it!

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Chile Cascabel

Bell chili

Bell pepper. Getty Images

This is a very spicy variety of dry chili that is characterized by the fact that when it is moved, its seeds sound. Its skin is tough and its color varies from dark red to blackish.

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Cuaresmeño or jalapeño: types of Mexican chili peppers

How to prepare cuaresmeño peppers with picadillo

We have a delicious snack for the occasion: serve these delicious cuaresmeño peppers with picadillo.

This chili is fresh, meaty, fragrant and very spicy. It grows to between 4 and 6 cm long, its dark green color changes to orange and red as it reaches maturity. Being a dry chili, it is known as chipotle.
Learn how to make some delicious Lent stuffed with picadillo for your next gathering.

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Tree chili

Tree chili

Getty Images

Contrary to popular belief, this chili does not grow on a tree but on a bush of the piquin family. Fresh, it looks a bit like the serrano, but it is thinner, longer and much spicier. It is also used dry.
Prepare a sauce with chile de arbol and whiskey to surprise everyone with its flavor.

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Pasilla con pollo en caldillo verde

It is a dry, long, dark colored and very spicy chili. It is used in the preparation of moles, marinades and the classic drunk sauce.
If you like spicy, check out these avocado toast with callus and pasilla sauce

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Serrano or green chili: types of chili peppers with great flavor

The serrano pepper is one of the favorites to accompany meals.

It is the variety that is most consumed in the country and is characterized by an intense green color, which changes to red as it matures. It is between 3 and 5 cm long, it is very fleshy and its heat varies from moderate to very spicy. It is the main ingredient in green and Mexican salsa.
Learn how to make a delicious seafood ceviche with serrano chili vinaigrette

What is your favorite chili?

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