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6 recipes of stuffed avocados for a meal, easy, quick and complete

26 mayo, 2021

We know what you want for today: some rich Stuffed avocados. To give you pleasure, we share 6 delicious options to prepare a very easy, fast, complete and, of course, healthy meal.

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Stuffed avocados: why are they the ideal food for your meal?

avocado stuffed with barley salad

The perfect recipe to take care of yourself is this delicious avocado stuffed with barley salad. We tell you how to prepare it.

We usually include avocado in some meals as a complement, but it is rare that it is the main ingredient. Today we want to give you reasons to prepare these stuffed avocados and take more advantage of the benefits that this food brings you:

  • They satiate and help you lose weight: it is ideal for controlling appetite and cravings, as it is rich in soluble and insoluble fibers that cause a feeling of satisfaction.
  • It is rich in folic acid: its intake is recommended for pregnant women, as it provides important benefits for the formation of the fetus.
  • Good for the heart: thanks to its healthy fats and vitamin E, avocado prevents heart disease and keeps the heart in good condition.
  • Reduces cholesterol: in addition to reducing bad cholesterol, it increases good cholesterol.
  • It is a powerful antioxidant: it is not only good for our health, it is also in favor of our appearance, as it attacks the causes of aging such as the early appearance of wrinkles and other signs of age.
  • In addition, it improves the health and appearance of the hair, and keeps it free from dandruff.
  • Improves Brain Health: Avocado contributes to healthy blood flow and lowers blood pressure.

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Tips for choosing avocados

Avocado peel

(Photo: Getty Images)

  • Look at the provenance: you can find imported or domestic avocados. We suggest the Mexican product, which will be fresher.
  • Choose them one by one: either in the market or in the supermarket, the best thing is that you choose them so that you make sure that it is not mistreated. Touch them with light pressure, so you will see the degree of maturity.
  • Look at the color of the skin: this will depend on when you want to consume them: for example, if you want it for the day, choose black; If you want them to last for the week, it is better that you opt for light browns or greens.

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Recipes with stuffed avocados

See Recipes:

  • Avocado stuffed with barley salad

    avocado stuffed with barley salad

    The perfect recipe to take care of yourself is this delicious avocado stuffed with barley salad. We tell you how to prepare it.

  • Avocados stuffed with cheese

    avocados stuffed with cheese

    This option results in a fresh and practical salad to enjoy whenever you want.

  • Egg-stuffed avocado with mini sausages

    avocado stuffed with egg

    Preparing a delicious, nutritious and special breakfast is easier than you imagine, especially with this recipe that takes only a few minutes.

  • Vegan menu: Avocado stuffed with creamy skis

    Avocado stuffed with esquites

    New recipe! Learn how to prepare this delicious vegan menu at home: Avocado stuffed with creamy skis. Who said a meatless diet was not delicious. Know what you need …

  • Avocado stuffed with huitlacoche

    Avocado stuffed with huitlacoche

    We share a new delight: Avocado stuffed with huitlacoche. If what you are looking for are different flavors, you have come to the right place. Learn how to make this recipe because it won’t take you any longer …

  • Avocado stuffed with shrimp aguachile

    shrimp aguachile

    There are many creative dishes, but not all of them are really delicious, so let yourself be enveloped by the incredible flavor of this avocado stuffed with shrimp aguachile. You will love the excellent combination …