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6 green leaves with which you can make delicious dishes

24 mayo, 2021

Bored of kale, lettuce, and spinach yet? It’s time to put that supermarket mix aside and try these green leaves that are also delicious and that people pass by.

We tell you what they are and the benefits they bring you:

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Green leaves for your very healthy dishes


Mustard leaves

(Photo: Getty Images)

Steaming them is the best way to cook this cousin of cabbages, since the heat increases the vitamin A it contains.

* TIP: A little lemon will take away the intense flavor.

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Green dandelion leaves

Dandelion leaves

(Photo: Getty Images)

These herbs are edible and packed with nutrients. One cup has three times the calcium that spinach has, plus vitamin K, which will keep your bones strong.

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Blackberry and watercress salad with parmesan

Don’t let their little leaves fool you, they have a ton of flavor!

You can eat them raw with a little lemon and salt, or as an extra topping on your chicken salad sandwich.

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Colored chard

Swiss chard recipes

If you also love chard recipes, you have to try this Sautéed Swiss Chard Salad with Garlic and Walnut, delicious!

This beautiful leaf is like the child of spinach and kale. To cook it, first cut and sauté the stems until they are tender, and almost at the end add the leaves.

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It is a very aromatic herb and gives food a very special flavor.
Not only that: its consumption is recommended to avoid digestive problems. It is even very popular to accompany tacos, because it avoids gastrointestinal discomfort. (Photo: Getty Images)

This is a type of quelite full of nutrients, you have surely heard of it in a Mexican market.

* TIP: It can be eaten raw or stewed.

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The green leaves of radishes

Radish leaves

(Photo: Getty Images)

These are a bit spicy, so use them as an herb and incorporate them into sauces, soups, or pestos. Just make sure you use them quickly, or they will wither.

Tip: when you buy radishes, order them with everything and their leaves, they are edible!

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