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6 different ways to prepare machaca

28 mayo, 2021

The crush It is one of the typical dishes of northern Mexico and with these recipes you will learn to easily prepare it in different ways.

What is it?

The macha is beef with salt that is put to dry in the sun and then pounded to soften it, that’s where its name comes from. What makes this dish special is precisely the technique that is followed to prepare it, because instead of grinding or cutting it, it is placed on a mesquite log and beaten with a wooden mallet until the desired thickness is achieved.

History of the machaca

According to some historians, the machaca is a very old recipe and has been made in the north of the country since the 18th century, the roast meat technique, completely dehydrated, was used to preserve the meat, initially they tended it to the sun and the wind to dry it, then the villagers made rolls and took them on their trips or in their day to day, it should be noted that originally the machaca was prepared with venison, currently it can still be found but the most popular is meat beef.

Over time, different recipes were created that were based on dried meat and that is how the machaca was created, which has its different versions according to each state, in which different ingredients are added, mainly onion, chili peppers, tomato, egg or garlic.

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Eggs were added to the mash to better unite all the ingredients.

Curiosities of the machaca

  • It is also known as machacado, aporeadillo or carne machaca.
  • Formerly they used quail eggs to mix them with dried meat.
  • There is another version that says that the original recipe for mash with egg was invented in the state of Nuevo León.
  • In Nuevo León every year the Crushing Fair is celebrated.
  • It is served with refried beans and flour tortillas.
  • The crushed fish or shellfish are not dried in the sun or salted, they are simply crushed.
  • It is a typical dish for breakfast.
  • One of the most popular stews with machaca are burritos and chimichangas.
  • Dried meat can also be dehydrated in the oven or with a dehydrator.
  • If you want to add flavor to dried meat, it must be before drying.
  • Lean meat without much fat is the best to prepare.

How to prepare dried meat

  1. Cut the beef into strips.
  2. Sprinkle salt on both sides.
  3. Put the meat strips in the sun until they take a light brown color, this should be done on both sides.
  4. Take to the shade and hang the strips in a cool place.
  5. Let it dehydrate for approximately 48 hours.

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