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57 easy snacking ideas

24 mayo, 2021

What a great thing is the tapa, the tapas and the eating of snacking! I don’t know anyone who makes you disgusted, neither in our country nor outside of it, where tapas have become very popular in recent years and have become great ambassadors of Spanish gastronomy. Maybe even “going for tapas” will soon become an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. So today we are going to pay you a little tribute with a selection of 57 good ideas for snacking.

No matter what time of year we are, snacking is always in the mood. And now that the Christmas commitments are over, that desire to put aside the protocols and get carried away by informality at the table.

Potato croquettes stuffed with blood sausage and confit onion Potato croquettes stuffed with blood sausage and confit onion

Eat a snacking meal It can be a daunting task if we complicate our lives with highly elaborated dishes and we get to cook countless of them. But these recipes, divided into sections according to their ingredients, are very simple.

Quesadilla Hack Three Delicious And Easy Triangle Filling Ideas

For meat and poultry lovers

When we talk about meats we are not referring only to tapas in which this is the main ingredient, as is the case with satay-style chicken skewers, curried chicken wings and pate de campagne. We also have proposals in which this appears accompanied by other elements that complement and balance it wonderfully. This is the case of these ham and cheese dumplings, very simple to make (even with children) and that everyone likes, whose recipe we leave you complete below.

Ham and cheese dumplings

Ham dumplings

We prepare the filling of the dumplings by folding each slice of York ham and cutting it into the chosen shape with the help of a pasta cutter or a cookie cutter. I have chosen one with a star shape. We repeat the operation with the cheese slices. The cuts of both cheese and ham are great for making mixed sandwiches or to brighten up a lettuce and tomato salad, you know we don’t like to throw anything away. In a baking tray, we arrange four wafers of empanadillas and on them we place the filling -the stars of ham and cheese-. We cover with four other wafers, squashing well to mark the star shape and make a re-fold or close by pinching and folding the excess until the entire dumpling is turned over. We roast the dumplings in the oven at 190º C after varnishing them with beaten egg, removing them when they are golden brown. We serve them as an aperitif -one per person is enough- or for a dinner -two or three in that case- accompanied by a green salad mixed with lettuce.

Other tapas with meat or chicken

Coixinhas de frango Coixinhas de frango, traditional Brazilian recipe

For crazy fish and seafood

peppers stuffed with salmon, avocado and crab Peppers stuffed with salmon, avocado and crab

From easy and simple patés, to slightly more elaborate tapas such as croquettes, cocas or savory cakes, in this section there are recipes for all tastes. Between so much variety there are cold, hot, quick, less quick snacks and much more. The crazy fish you are going to want to try them all.

marinated tuna tacos with thyme and lemon Marinated tuna tacos with thyme and lemon

For fruit and vegetable enthusiasts

Cauliflower with turmeric Cauliflower with turmeric

Contrary to what we usually do because we usually eat them sweet, fruits give a lot of play in salty elaborations that is why we include them in this section. Each and every one of them is sublime. Needless to say vegetarians are going to fall at his feet, but it gives us in the nose that you will not be the only ones. Let’s see them.

Crostini or sweet and sour cherry toast with goat cheese Crostini or sweet and sour cherry toast with goat cheese

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The mixed bag for everything else

deviled eggs Deviled eggs or deviled egg

Not everything in the kitchen is meat and poultry, fish and seafood or fruits and vegetables, especially in the world of tapas and snacks. Products like cheese, egg and rice, among others, are served and are enough to bring the singing voice in small preparations that delight the most demanding palates.

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