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55 Quick And Easy Vegan Recipes That Make In Less Than 30 Minutes

22 mayo, 2021

If you are aware of the media, you will not have missed one of the topics of the day, the operation of the meat industry in Spain, as La Sexta showed last night through its Salvados program. This report seems to have struck the consciences of many who, as shown on social networks, express their intentions to move from an omnivorous diet to a vegan diet free of all animal products.

If you are one of them and this reality takes you by surprise, changing your diet is not going to mean suffering. In fact we will try to facilitate the task with recommendations of quick and easy vegan recipes it will take you less than 30 minutes to get ready. There is so much variety that you can eat a different one every day and not repeat for weeks. And if you look in our vegan recipes section you will find many more, yes, a little more elaborate.

CAULIFLOWER FILLETS with chimichurri sauce

Vegan snacking recipes

Guacamole: the best recipe in the world Guacamole: the best recipe in the world

One of our favorite snacks It is the hummus or humus, the spiced cream of chickpea, sesame, garlic and olive oil that has half the world crazy. In addition to the traditional hummus recipe, we also recommend that you try to make beet, pesto and piquillo hummus, lentil hummus and avocado hummus.

It has been a long time since the guacamole entered our kitchens and we continue to adore him like the first day. Do not miss the guacamole recipe, the authentic one made by Mexicans, nor the classic recipe. Although for us, the best in the world is this guacamole recipe. Do we serve them with some homemade tortilla chips or nachos?

Cauliflower with turmeric Cauliflower with turmeric

Other vegan snacking recipes, beyond the dip that we like so much, are the cauliflower with turmeric, the skewers of mushrooms marinated in balsamic sauce and the duo of Canarian mojos with cherry potatoes. To start and not stop.

Vegan spoon recipes

The vegan spoon recipes Easier and faster to prepare are, without a doubt, cold creams. The gazpachos, so much of our gastronomy, take the cake and in less than 30 minutes we can have the beet gazpacho, the Andalusian gazpacho, the cordovan salmorejo, the soft watermelon gazpacho, the pumpkin cream with dill, the beetroot or the cold cream of carrots and mango, among others.

cream of leeks, potato and pear with saffron Leek, potato and pear cream with saffron

Although perhaps what you want on days like today, when temperatures have plummeted and we are fully immersed in a wave of intense cold, are the soups and creams such as carrot cream, pumpkin cider cream with arugula and hazelnuts, multi-vegetable cream or cream of leeks, potato and pear with saffron. Some of them take more than half an hour, but little more, so we will also take them as “fast”.

Vegan fork recipes

Legumes, grains, and cereals They give a lot of play when it comes to cooking vegan. Therefore, it will not surprise anyone that crispy chickpeas with fresh herbs, excluding yogurt sauce or fresh cheese to serve or we use a vegan alternative, is our first suggestion. The same goes for the vegetable tajine flush, the hanout with couscous and the light salad of couscous, mango and mint and the taboulé, the tastiest couscous salad with herbs and citrus.

  crispy chickpeas with fresh herbs Crispy chickpeas with fresh herbs

We like couscous so much that we dare to emulate it with vegetables and preparing dishes as surprising as the fake cauliflower couscous with almonds and raisins, the hanout and the cauliflower taboulé. We have also made it with broccoli, but in this recipe we included egg and, therefore, we have left it out. Although you can always change it for another food of plant origin and turn it into a vegan dish. To taste.

Another of the vegan dishes par excellence is Salad that has infinity of variants. Starting with the cleansing salad with tahini dressing, continuing with the country salad with Thermomix, the Chinese cabbage salad, the quinoa salad, roasted pumpkin and pomegranate, the spinach salad, the spring quinoa salad with asparagus and strawberries and ending For the turnip, quinoa and toasted sesame seed salad. Could it be for salads?

  pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins Pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins

More garden products With which to prepare delicious vegan dishes like these pink tomatoes stuffed with pine nuts and raisins, the broccoli and coconut spiced skillet, the steamed broccoli with tahini and lemon dressing and the bimi with miso, ginger and black garlic. Perfect for when the body asks us warm comfort food.

grilled hawaiian tofu Grilled Hawaiian Tofu

The tofu It has slowly and silently entered our daily lives and we can already find it on the shelves of most supermarkets. A product derived from soy With which you can prepare very tasty dishes such as tofu in black garlic sauce, rice noodles with tofu and pepper stir-fry or grilled Hawaiian tofu. It supports many more combinations, but you can start with these.

Vegan finger food recipes

When neither the spoon nor the fork fit there is no choice but eat with your fingers, because to the vegetarian burritos (which are rather vegan), to the vegan chickpea and soy tacos, to the mini avocado and quinoa burgers and, finally, to the Mexican spicy tofu tostadas we cannot resist.

Swiss chocolate pudding Swiss Chocolate Puddin

Vegan recipes for sweets and desserts

Although at first glance it seems to do sweets and desserts without any type of animal product It is almost impossible, the truth is that there are several alternatives and we are not talking about a piece of fruit. The creamy banana ice cream for which we only need banana and peanut butter is good proof of this.

This ice cream is not the only one, there are a few more vegan sweets or desserts. For when the heat is on and you’re in the mood for a chilly sweet, the mango and orange sorbet is a great option, as are the pickled strawberries in orange blossom water and the Danish apple pudding. And for when you fancy a more sweet dessert, the Swiss chocolate pudding and the fluffy two-ingredient chocolate mousse and without eggs.

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