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51 easy and delicious recipes to take advantage of this food

21 mayo, 2021

The apple is perhaps one of the fruits more grateful and versatile in the kitchen. Now a staple of the fruit bowl in homes around the world in its different varieties, it has the advantage that it can be eaten as it is anywhere, but we also love to prepare delicious recipes with it.

Although today they are present all year round, their best moment is still the cold months, and it is also when you most want to brighten up your breakfast or snack with them. From the most classic apple sponge cake to colorful cakes, juicy muffins or a creamy flan, with this selection of our favorite recipes the difficult thing will be to choose just one when we crave a sweet treat.

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Classic homemade apple cake

Homemade apple cake

Every recipe book needs an infallible, classic and simple to prepare apple sponge cake, but that never fails. This is one of those recipe that is worth saving forever and that we can adapt lightly changes to our liking, for example reducing the amount of sugar, giving it a whole grain touch or adding cinnamon, vanilla or nuts.

We preheat the oven to 180ºC with heat up and down without air. We separate the yolks from the whites of the eggs. We mount the yolks with the sugar until they turn white. We add the soft butter and beat until it is integrated.

We add the sifted flour and yeast. We mount the clear ones to the point of strong snow. We add a third to the dough and mix without care to lighten the mixture, the rest of the egg whites we mix carefully, with enveloping movements from bottom to top.

We line a 20 cm round mold with baking paper or grease it with butter and a little flour. We pour half of the dough and place thin slices of apple. We add the rest of the dough and garnish with the remaining apple. Sprinkle a little sugar and bake for about 45-50 minutes.

If the cake browns too quickly We can cover it with silver foil once the first 30 minutes have elapsed. We remove from the oven and leave about 15 minutes before unmolding. Heat three tablespoons of apricot jam and brush with it.

Apples Homemade Sponge Cake Steps

Apple sponge cake recipes

The world of the sponge cake gives a lot of itself and the apple can enrich the most traditional recipes in multiple ways. Simply by adding chopped, grated or sliced ​​fruit to our favorite sponge cake, it will win whole, or we can use it to decorate the topping.

Apple Sponge Cake Oatmeal, apple and cream cheese cake.

We also love to prepare applesauce -or resort to a quality commercial one- to integrate it into the crumb; This allows to obtain a very juicy and tender texture, and can be used as a partial substitute for fat or dairy. The applesauce cake with Thermomix is ​​a good example, easy to make manually.

Cupcakes, muffins, and other individual bites

Magadelans apple Apple muffins.

If we prefer to prepare breakfast or snack to go, or we want to prepare something to share and give away, individual format it can be more appropriate and comfortable. Continuing with the homey soul of biscuits, the delicious apple muffins will leave a delicious aroma at home if we enrich them with our favorite spices.

Again we can choose to incorporate the fruit in pieces to doughs of muffins or cookies, like these with nuts, but the apple also lends itself to fill in small bites like some quick croissants, or we could make mini dumplings with the same mix of ingredients.

Apple Cookies Sweet applesauce and oatmeal cookies.

Easy apple pie recipes

If we have a few cakes, apple pies are not far behind. We never get tired of trying new recipes! We are already entering the field of more desserts, but there are simple cakes with which, very occasionally, we can give us a tribute to start the day, or to share in the snack.

But we continue focusing on easy recipes, without ceasing to be showy and very lucid. That is why the great queen of this section is the very easy apple galette, whose preparation you can see on video to verify that it does not require any complications or advanced knowledge of pastry. Nor are they necessary to succeed with the best apple pie tatin, a French classic available to everyone.

Grandma apple Grandma’s apple pie.

Easy cakes for all tastes

The exact definition of “cake” is not very clear, although here we can include more or less colorful sweets in a format to share, under the most varied shapes and textures. Apple pies lead us to travel the world with varied recipes for all tastes.

Dutch apple Dutch apple pie.

Jam, compotes and more

Some of the recipes that we have already seen use the Apple puree as an ingredient. The homemade version of applesauce is very simple and can go a long way if we make large quantities to preserve or freeze, and thus we can make it without adding almost any sugar.

Apple Sweet Apple Sweet.

On this basis we can play by adding other ingredients, turning the compote into a food by itself to devour with a spoon or take with yogurt and nuts in the morning or mid-afternoon. Custards and puddings They could not be absent either, with that pleasure of sinking the spoon into the creamy texture of these preparations.

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Healthier (and more sweet) recipes with apple

We are aware that the recipes in this compilation are very sweet temptations that should not be abused, but the apple can also star healthier breakfasts and snacks with nutritious recipes without so much sugar or fat.

Bircher apple Swiss bircher müesli.

In addition to taking them natural -that’s always, washed skin included-, the delicious roasted apples are a very comforting delicacy which will also be good for delicate stomachs, better without sugar, since it is very digestive. We must take advantage of when turning on the oven is a pleasure, and we can leave them ready in advance if we want to take them in the morning.

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