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5 ways to cook prawns to take advantage of them in family gatherings

22 mayo, 2021

When we find shrimp as fresh and tasty as these Sanlúcar tiger prawns on the market, it is important to know how to cook them in order to enjoy a quality product. As it is likely that in the coming weeks you will taste them as a family, here you are Five ways to cook prawns to take advantage of them in family celebrations.

Surely when you see the five ways, many of you have thought about doing the boiled, grilled, baked, raw prawns in tartare or carpaccio or battered fried prawns. All of them are delicious so do not hesitate to choose one or the other, and try them all to find your favorite.

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Perfect cooked prawns

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We already tell you in detail how to cook prawns and prawns, indicating the best way and the times to make them perfect. When I make them at home I prepare a saucepan with water and salt in which I submerge them when it already boils over a live fire, and another saucepan with water and ice cubes, to which the transfer after two and a half minutes from the dive.

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A) Yes they are well cooked, fresh and turgid, ready to be enjoyed naturally or accompanied by an original and easy pink sauce like this one. Nothing to do with those that are bought already cooked and let alone with those that are sold frozen.

Recipe for prawns baked with whiskey

Grilled prawns

Grilled Prawns Recipe Direct To The Palate

To make good grilled prawns, all you have to do is wear, since We will only need a little bit of good extra virgin olive oil and a few grains of coarse salt. Nothing else separates us from this delicious preparation.

We heat the griddle or the grill well, -lightly varnished with a few drops of extra virgin olive oil- and place the prawns so that they all face the same side. A trickle of oil on the area where the head and tail meet and a few grains of salt on top. Two minutes of cooking and we turn all of them to cook on the other side. Ready to enjoy without further ado.

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Prawns cooked in the oven

Baked Prawns With Garlic And Parsley Direct Paladar

The prawns are very tasty prepared in the oven. We have already shown you our recipe for prawns baked with whiskey, and today we are going to prepare them in a very simple way, baking them with garlic and parsley.

We arrange the prawns in a metal dish suitable for the oven and the We varnish with a little extra virgin olive oil. Chop a few sprigs of parsley and a couple of garlic cloves and we toss it distributed on top. Bake at 200ºC for 10 minutes, turning them after 5 minutes. They are delicious and full of flavor. Here you can see a recipe made with prawns – instead of prawns – to use this technique.

White beans with prawns.  Express spoon recipe, ready in 15 minutes

Raw prawn tartare

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Both in carpaccio and in tartare, if we have very fresh prawns, it is delicious to enjoy them raw. To do this you have to peel them well, remove the black thread from their tail or intestine and mix them with the other ingredients. In the photo you can see the recipe for shrimp tartare with avocado and pomegranate, or if you prefer, you should also try the one for shrimp tartare with mango and avocado, which is delicious.

If you want to make a carpaccio, peel the prawns, put them between two layers of cooking film and carefully beat and stretch until they spread to cover a plate. Then we proceed to season them with lemon juice, salt and pepper and complement them with nuts. They are delicious.

Recipe for express puff pastry with prawns and confit leeks

Battered langoustines

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Prawns are very good if we breaded or batter them and fry them in very hot oil. Today we have chosen some prawns breaded in corn that are very crispy and tasty, and that they are cooked inside the batter as if they were steamed. Here you have the recipe for these original prawns breaded in corn so that you do not stop trying them.

You can also make them if you prefer with another original batter, as when we prepare this recipe for prawns coated with grated coconut and panko if you want to make them with a tasty Thai touch.

Glasses of avocado, mango and cheese with prawns in trifle format.  Light recipe