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5 tips to eliminate bad odors

24 mayo, 2021

You no longer have to worry about bad smells in your kitchen. We give you the best tips so you can forget about the most annoying aromas that usually appear before, during or after cooking. Take note!

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The main bad smells in the kitchen and how to eliminate them

1. How to remove the bad smell from your refrigerator

what to do with the used coffee

We tell you what to do with used coffee so you can make the most of it (Getty Images)

A good tip to prevent it from smelling bad is to leave a plate of coffee uncovered. Coffee absorbs these bad smells and leaves behind its rich aroma.

Deodorize your refrigerator with fresh coffee beans or coffee pot residue; Place them in a container and let it act for a couple of days. If the bad smell persists, add a few drops of vanilla essence.

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2. Remove bad odors from fish from your hands

green lemons with leaves

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Wash your hands with lemon and at the end, wash again with soap. This way the fishy smell will disappear.

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3. How to clean your refrigerator

home remedies to eliminate insects

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The best way to do this is to clean it with water and vinegar; The latter eliminates bad odors for a good period of time and keeps it clean.

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4. Eliminate the smell of fish from your kitchen


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You should only boil lemon peels in a pot for 15 minutes over low heat or heat a cinnamon tea. Either of these two methods will help you get rid of the fishy smell from your kitchen.

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5. Goodbye to bad smells from your microwave

How to clean the microwave oven properly

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To eliminate the bad smell, place a cup with water and lemon. Heat it for 30 seconds. Leave that cup in the microwave for 30 minutes and at the end that unpleasant smell will have disappeared.

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