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5 tips to avoid the rebound effect of diet

26 mayo, 2021

Every time you do the same diet or a different diet, are you a victim of rebound effect? You may need to pay more attention to your eating and lifestyle habits.

Today we share some good tips so that you can reach your goal easier and you can lose weight without suffering the so-called effect yo-yo. Take note!

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What is the rebound effect?

It is when you regain the weight that you lost after dieting and exercising in a short period of time. And even, you can get to have more weight than you had before starting the new diet.

Why happens? There can be several causes, and one of the main causes is our body. That’s how it is! Our own body is the one that betrays us.

What happens is that the body sets in motion mechanisms to compensate for the period of restriction it has suffered. That is, when the body detects a decrease in calorie or nutrient intake, different from what it is used to, it reacts.

The body begins to function with the minimum and stores the rest, if necessary. First, it begins to get rid of water, so that the first few pounds that are lost are nothing more than retained fluid.

Subsequently, it pulls on muscle mass that is lost as the body draws nutrients from the muscle. Both water and muscle mass weigh, so you notice a drop on the scale.

However, unfortunately for us, this does not mean that we have eliminated the fat that we want to get rid of so much.

rebound effect

Don’t be a victim of the rebound effect! (Photo: Getty Images)

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Tips to avoid the yo-yo effect

It’s always good to try again and you shouldn’t be discouraged. Here we share these tips so that your efforts are not in vain:

  1. Your diet must be supervised: the rebound effect, in many cases, is due to the fact that we follow ineffective miracle diets. It is best to go to a nutritionist who gives you the best guidelines for an effective diet.
  2. Progressive weight loss: it is not healthy for people to lose weight abruptly, as it can be harmful to health. The healthiest thing is to lose weight little by little.
  3. Do not go hungry: a diet does not imply being hungry, rather, feeling satisfied and avoiding overeating. Otherwise, it could increase anxiety or craving for foods that are not in your diet.
  4. Exercise: this you have to practice whether or not you are on a diet, this way you will avoid diseases and gain weight again.
  5. Follow a diet: after the diet, it does not mean that you can lose control of your diet and the amounts you consume. Ask your nutritionist what regimen you can follow to stay healthy and at an ideal weight.

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