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5 plants that absorb heat and cool your home

24 mayo, 2021

Summer has already started, and the high temperatures are just beginning. So that you do not suffer it at home, we recommend these 5 plants that absorb heat, which in addition to decorating your home, will help make it look more relaxed and fresh.

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Plants that absorb heat

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Tips to take care of your plants and make them look beautiful

  • If you have them indoors, make sure they have enough light so that they do not dim and / or turn yellow. If you see this happening, put it in a more light and ventilated place.
  • To give them away, the earth is the best guide. It should be damp, but not soggy or muddy (indoor plants need less frequent watering than those in patios and other exteriors).
  • Dampen the leaves with a fine spray.
  • Clean the leaves with a damp cloth and a few drops of glycerin. This substance will prevent dust from adhering.
  • Clay pots are best for indoor plants. They are permeable and facilitate growth. Ceramic ones are also a good option.
  • Try to remove wilted leaves regularly so that the plant does not waste its energy and nutrients on branches that will no longer thrive.

Now that you know which are the plants that absorb heat, decorate your home with them and take advantage of their benefits! We invite you to learn more lifestyle tips for your day to day at Easy Kitchen