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5 natural remedies for a swollen belly

26 mayo, 2021

Do you live almost daily with him swollen belly And are you even getting used to living like this?

That feeling of inflammation or bloating becomes very unpleasant, and there are many factors that cause it, from bad eating habits that include foods that cause gas, to a sedentary lifestyle.

With these 5 natural remedies you can forget about this unpleasant sensation. Put them to the test and forget about the bloat!

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Natural remedies for a swollen belly

Cucumber water with lemon

Cucumber peel water

(Photo: Getty Images)

First of all, this food combination stimulates the metabolism. You only need to prepare a lemonade with a few lemon slices and that’s it.

In addition, it is very refreshing, ideal for this season.

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Pineapple frappe for a swollen belly

pineapple frappe

Fight a swollen belly with this delicious pineapple frappe (Photo: Getty Images)

What makes pineapple so fabulous? An enzyme called bromelain, which reduces inflammation and stimulates digestion.

Make this pineapple frappe in the morning and feel good all day. You won’t even remember what the swelling feels like!

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Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon smoothie

Watermelon smoothie for a swollen belly. (Photo: Getty Images)

Watermelon is a natural remedy because it has a lot of water and is rich in potassium, a mineral that helps reduce the feeling of bloating in the stomach, as well as having very few calories.

To prepare it, place a few pieces of watermelon with water and a little honey to sweeten it in the blender. More than ready!

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Fight a swollen belly with peppermint tea


(Photo: Getty Images)

This herb helps relieve pain and muscle inflammation. Put the fresh mint in a mug and pour in hot water. Let it rest and take it when you feel discomfort.

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Green Tea

Green Tea

Green tea is great for a swollen belly. (Photo: Getty Images)

Finally, this sugar-free drink activates the metabolism and has prebiotic effects; that is, indigestible fibers that stimulate the growth of good bacteria in the intestine.

Don’t you want to drink it hot? You can take it cold and cool off in this hot season! It will have the same anti-inflammatory effect.

Remember: If the problem persists, it is important that you consult your doctor.

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