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5 natural ingredients to color your hair

26 mayo, 2021

Many women (and also men) like dye our hair, either for aesthetic reasons or also to cover gray hair.

However, it is not recommended to do it so often if you use commercial dyes, as they can have negative health effects. This is because they have more than 5,000 different chemicals.

Another reason is that the waste of these products is not controlled, so they are highly polluting for the environment.

If you want to forget about chemicals once and for all, we have good news for you! exist natural ingredients with which you can dye your hair at home and today we want to share them:

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Natural ingredients to color your hair


Coffee mask

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Perfect for darkening one or two shades in your hair. Make a very strong coffee and let it cool.

Mix with half a cup of leave-in conditioner and another two tablespoons of coffee grounds. Apply to clean hair and let it absorb for an hour.

Rinse with apple cider vinegar to extend its duration.

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Henna to dye your hair

Henna powder

Henna powder
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Henna is ideal for covering gray hair or intensifying the natural color of your hair.

This comes from a plant with the same name and it is a pigment with a red or orange hue.

You just have to mix a cup of henna powder with two cups of lemon juice and a tablespoon of vinegar. Let it sit for 4 to 6 hours until it thickens. Apply to your hair and let it sit for two hours before rinsing.

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Beet juice

Beet juice

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If you want a reddish hue, mix beet juice with coconut or olive oil. Apply the mixture to your hair and wrap it in a shower cap for at least an hour.

After, rinse with apple cider vinegar, apply this mixture once a week to intensify the color.

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Dyeing your hair with chamomile tea

chamomile tea

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It is ideal for lightening hair.

Add half a cup of chamomile flowers to boiling water and let it steep for half an hour. Wash your hair and then pour the tea on your damp hair at least 10 times and wait 10 minutes before washing.

You can use this method once a week to improve results.

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Black tea

Black tea

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This is great for covering gray hair and darkening hair. Use two boslitas of black tea in warm water and let it steep for 5 minutes. Soak your hair and let it sit for 20 minutes.

Rinse with lukewarm water and repeat this process daily for two weeks.

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