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5 Latin American dishes that you should know

24 mayo, 2021

Today tlayudas are in fashion, thanks to Street Food Latin America, where our traditional dish was the winner against others Latin American dishes they also have theirs.

We present you the 5 Latin American dishes of the moment and that surely you will also crave (not as much as our beloved tlayudas, winners of our heart and palate).

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Latin American dishes

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Curiosities of the Oaxacan tlayuda, a worthy rival to other Latin American dishes

And since we are talking about Latin American dishes and Latin American Street Food, we will tell you more about the first place, our Oaxacan tlayuda:

  • Its name comes from Nahuatl and means “shelled corn.”
  • They are the largest tortillas that exist. They get to measure 30 cm or more in diameter.
  • To achieve their texture, they are left on the comal until they are toasted and of a firm consistency.
  • Its flavor is very different from that of conventional tortillas. It acquires it because after being baked, it is stored in the tanate (the basket), which due to its manufacture gives it a peculiar flavor and also makes it somewhat brittle.
  • Being toasted, it can last much longer than conventional tortillas.
  • It can be prepared with many ingredients, but the traditional ones are the pork seat, quesillo, chopped cabbage, jerky and molcajete sauce.

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