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5 incredible uses that you can give to avocado peel

25 mayo, 2021

Before heading to the trash can as usual, we invite you to discover everything you can do with the hass avocado peel. It is more useful than you think!

Read on and learn these useful tricks to reuse this shell wisely.

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How to reuse hass avocado peel

Excellent lip balm

lip care

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Are your lips dry from the cold? You just have to grind the avocado peel with a little coconut oil and shea butter. Apply it every night. It is miraculous!

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Hass avocado peel against lice!

Avocado properties

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Say goodbye to chemicals with this super effective home remedy.

Boil 5 avocado seeds with 6 skins and two sprigs of rue in 250 ml of water.

Let cool and rub the mixture on your scalp. Cover with a plastic bag for 30 minutes. Rinse well and forget about the pesky lice.

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To combat stretch marks

Face mask: dry skin

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Make a paste with avocado peels. Grind them very well and mix with lemon juice, honey and avocado pulp.

Apply to the skin and massage in a circular motion. Repeat 2 times a week.

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Hass avocado peels to germinate seeds

You only need the shells, a little soil and your seeds.

Put some soil inside the shell and bury the seeds. Water and let the nutrients in the peel do the rest.

When your plant grows enough, transplant it to a larger pot with everything and the peel, as this will continue to help it nourish itself.

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For a healthy tea

Learn about the benefits of avocado pit tea

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Avocado peel tea does exist! And it serves many things: it eliminates intestinal parasites, controls diarrhea and prevents constipation.

You just have to wash, crush and boil the shells in water. Strain and let it cool a little to be able to drink it.

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