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5 homemade organic fertilizers for your garden and indoor plants

25 mayo, 2021

Over time, the soil in your plants, especially those found indoors, loses the nutrients that keep them healthy. That is why, once a time, you should place them organic fertilizers so that they continue to grow and stay beautiful.

We share 5 homemade fertilizers that you can use in your garden and also in your indoor plants. You will love the results!

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Homemade organic fertilizers


(Photo: Getty Images)

It’s easier to make than you might think, and the best part is that you can use kitchen waste.

You can use fruit and vegetable scraps, grass, eggshells, dried grasses, and even pieces of cardboard. All you have to do is mash it as well as possible.

Use compost on your plants every 45 days.

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Banana peels: one of the most practical organic fertilizers

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All you have to do is boil the peels in water. The resulting liquid is allowed to cool and is applied to the plants for irrigation.

You can use it once a month. It is also ideal for fighting pests and warding off insects.

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Earthworm humus

organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers: worm castings (Photo: Getty Images)

This can be found at garden stores or nurseries. It is added every 45 days by incorporating it into the earth.

If you find it liquid, you can water it every 15 days, diluting one part of humus in 5 parts of water.

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Unflavored gelatin or gelatin: one of the most practical organic fertilizers

Organic fertilizers: unflavored gelatin

Homemade organic fertilizers: unflavored gelatin (Photo: Getty Images)

To apply the powder, make a furrow around the plant and add 1 or 2 tablespoons. Cover with soil and water.

Use this method every 15 days.

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Dry manure

Organic fertilizers: dry manure

Organic fertilizers: dried manure (Photo: Getty Images)

You can find it in nurseries, farms or rural areas. The ideal way to apply it is by stirring it with fertile soil. It is ideal to place it when you are going to change your place or pot plant.

Use it every 2 months.

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