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5 healthy reasons why Japanese people sit on the floor to eat

26 mayo, 2021

There’s a lot Japanese customs that are famous for being healthy, and among them is sitting on the floor to eat. Have you already noticed?

The reasons for doing it are not a simple whim, because starting it can give you 5 incredible benefits that you did not imagine. Today we share with you the reason why the Japanese do not leave this custom. You’ll be surprised!

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Sitting on the floor to eat: one of the healthy Japanese customs that you should put into practice

Helps digestion

The cross-legged position on the floor is the same as in yoga, and it is as if you were practicing this discipline while eating.

This posture is called sukhasana and it is believed that it increases blood flow to the stomach, which helps to digest food more easily, in addition to obtaining a greater amount of vitamins and nutrients.

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You can lose weight

Sitting on the floor during a meal makes the phage nerve work better. The digestive system releases a hormone called leptin, which sends a signal to the phage nerve that you are full, preventing you from overeating.

Japanese customs

Get to know one of these healthy Japanese customs. (Photo: Getty Images)

Increase your flexibility

Sitting in a chair for too long can cause back pain and eventually strain the discs in your spine.

On the other hand, sitting on the floor makes you stretch your knees and hips. Because this position helps you sit taller with each bite you take, it prevents you from slouching, while strengthening your back and shoulders.

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You live longer!

It is believed that if you can easily get up from a cross-legged position without the need for support, you are likely to live longer.

Sitting on the floor while you eat and getting up from this position several times a day is an excellent exercise to add more time to life.

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Keeps the joints in excellent condition

Finally, sitting on the floor allows you to stretch your hips and ankles, which makes the joints more flexible, because in this position the muscles continue to work even when you are resting.

In addition, not having a backrest helps you improve your posture by preventing you from slouching.

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