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5 healthy kids’ breakfasts before school

29 mayo, 2021

School is back and we need to recharge our batteries to make it the most successful, healthy, and fun school year. That’s why we bring these 5 healthy kid-friendly breakfasts ideal before school, perfect for the week.

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Top 5 healthy foods for kids

Do not forget to include these foods in the recipes you prepare for your children and achieve very delicious and nutritious healthy breakfasts for children every day:

  1. Avocado: it is rich in good fats that help reduce bad cholesterol. In addition, it contains vitamin E, which protects your body from harmful molecules found in pollution.
  2. Blueberries: they are an important source of energy and rich in fiber. They also strengthen memory and learning. Another reason to give them to your children is that they prevent urinary tract infections, very common in school.
  3. Cocoa: it is an energetic food par excellence, and it contains basic nutrients such as calcium, vegetable proteins, minerals and antioxidants. Help your kids stay active and attentive.
  4. Kiwi: its vitamin C strengthens the defenses and reduces the possibility of colds. It also has vitamin E, which protects the skin and fights various infections.
  5. Yogurt: It is rich in calcium and protein, which help form and protect your teeth and bones. In addition, it allows the development of bacterial flora, necessary to better assimilate nutrients.
breakfast child

A good breakfast is the key for your child to succeed in school.


  • Don’t Skip Breakfast – This is the first rule that shouldn’t be skipped. There is no valid excuse. This should preferably be before leaving home.
  • Breakfast is not about “eating something” or feeling full before leaving home. There are nutrients and amounts necessary for a breakfast to be healthy.
  • Breakfast is a learned habit: it is important that you eat breakfast with your children so that they learn the importance of this meal. It must always be at the same time.
  • Good sleep schedule: If a child sleeps the necessary hours, it is easier for him to eat well in the morning. It is more difficult for children to take advantage of nutrients if they are fed sleepy.
  • Have breakfast without rushing: as you will see, schedules are super important to eat properly. Try to prepare breakfast in advance so that your child can eat calmly.
  • To avoid delays, make sure your child’s clothes and backpack are ready the night before so they don’t take up valuable time in the morning.
  • Vary the foods: it is important that you prepare different breakfasts throughout the week so that he does not get bored and can make the most of what you offer him.


See Recipes:

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    synchronized marine

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  • Omelette egg rolls with spinach and ham

    omelette egg rolls

    We have a complete and delicious breakfast for your child to go to school with all the batteries: egg rolls in omelet with spinach and ham.

  • Egg with peasant bread

    egg with peasant bread

    To start the day! And nothing better than this egg with peasant bread to fill up with energy and eat healthy.

  • Enfrijoladas de barquito for a nutritious and delicious breakfast


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  • Sushi-style ham and tuna rolls

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