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5 foods you can recycle

28 mayo, 2021

Nowadays, it is very important to give a helping hand to the environment by avoiding the generation of excess waste. Thinking about this, we want to talk to you about food recycling.

That’s how it is! Organic waste generated by food can also be reused. We tell you 5 foods that you can recycle, take advantage of them a little more, and the best: take care of our planet.

Make recycling food part of your life!

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Food you can recycle at home

Olive oil

That little bit of oil that remains at the bottom of the bottle is perfect for you to make a hair mask. You just have to moisten it and brush it as usual.

Leftover coffee

The coffee grounds are perfect for unclogging the sink, as it does not pollute like detergents. It is zero aggressive against the environment!

If you have a splash left in your cup, instead of throwing it into the sink, we recommend emptying it on your plants, as it contains nutrients that strengthen them.


These are an excellent nutrient for your plants. Instead of throwing them in the trash, crush them, boil them in water, let them dry and put them in your pots.

Stale bread

If you forgot those bobbins that were in the cupboard and they went hard, don’t worry! Cut them into squares and then toast them. You will have some delicious croutons for your salad.

If you have a hard time cutting them, you can use the blender.

Hard cheese shells

There are hard parts of the cheese that we think can no longer be used. However, these can add a very delicious touch to broths and soups. Scratch them and use them in your recipes.

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