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5 foods to end a hangover

22 mayo, 2021

Was the toast “intense”? End hangover discomfort by consuming one or more of these 5 hangover foods. Come back to life and enjoy the New Year 2021!

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1. Tuna

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The longer the alcohol stays in your body, the worse the headache will be, but the ‘alpha-ketoglutarate dehydrogenase’ is going to take action.

A small tuna steak has about 40% of the RDA for this vitamin. Try it in this delicious Seared Tuna Salad.

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2. Banana: enemy of the hangover

banana for breakfast

Banana: it is ideal for breakfast. (Photo: Getty Images)

High doses of vitamin B6 can reduce hangover symptoms. A banana contains half the RDA of that nutrient.

Try these delicious cinnamon roasted bananas

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3. Garlic


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A side effect of alcohol is the production of acetaldehyde within the body, which explains the feeling of nausea.

Garlic contains S-allyl-cysteine, a substance that helps prevent damage.

Prepare this delicious garlic spaghetti and four cheeses.

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4. Control a hangover with egg


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The morning after a party, it is best to prepare an egg-based breakfast. They are rich in cysteine, which detoxifies the body and digests alcohol. Pair them with orange juice!

Try our fabulous Huevos Rancheros on Arabic bread.

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5. Orange juice

orange juice for breakfast

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The juice of this fruit reduces discomfort, because it contains vitamin C and fructose that help the liver to metabolize alcohol.

The fresher the better, so squeeze your own fruit.

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