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5 curiosities of vegetarians that you should know

24 mayo, 2021

Today, October 1, the World Vegetarian Day, and beyond that they carry a nutritional regimen. Following vegetarianism involves a whole lifestyle and that also has its history.

Today we share 10 curiosities of vegetarians that perhaps you did not know and that you have to know to better understand their way of life.

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10 curiosities of vegetarians

Not everyone was born to be a vegetarian

rich vegetarian sampler recipesOne study revealed that 80% of people who decide to become vegetarian, eat meat again at one point in their life (in fact, they try meat before they are 1 year old with vegetarianism).

This means that only 1 in 5 people stayed on the vegetarian diet. It really takes a lot of will not to be tempted to eat meat.

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Vegetarianism for love?

vegetarian couple

Did you know? Many people have a diet influenced by their partners. (Photo: Getty Images)

That’s how it is. There are people who adopt the vegetarian diet under the influence of their partner. Other reasons -the least- began with this regime for reasons of health, economy or social influence.

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Types of vegetarianism

(Photo: Getty Images)

“Vegetarian” defines people who adopt a plant-based diet. However, there are different eating styles that emerge from this regimen:

  • There are vegans, considered “pure vegetarians” because it is a stricter form of vegetarianism. They do not eat any type of animal meat or derived products (from food to soaps, clothes, etc.).
  • Ovo-vegetarians include eggs and other products derived from this food in their diet.
  • There are also lacto-vegetarians, who include milk and dairy products in their lifestyle.
  • And in case you did not know, there are the pollotarios, who eat poultry meat.

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Flexitarians, what is that?

fruits and vegetables for weight loss

(Photo: Getty Images)

If you thought there were many types of vegetarians, then there are also flexitarians: people who occasionally eat meat but vegetables are in most of their diet.

This group has caused controversy, as they are not actually considered vegetarians.

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Kangaroos: vegetarians who eat kangaroos

Red meat

Photo: (Getty Images)

You read that right. One of the main reasons why people become vegetarians is that they are against animal abuse and the quality of life they give to animals on farms (terrible, in many cases).

But kangaroo people think differently when it comes to eating kangaroo meat: one reason is that these animals grow wild in Australia, so they are not treated unworthily on farms.

Another reason is that its consumption has a less negative ecological impact, since the kangaroo produces methane in less quantity than other farm animals.

And finally. There are many kangaroos in Australia, so it is not considered that the species could be endangered by consuming it.

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When did vegetarians arise?

home garden vegetables

(Photo: Getty Images)

These have been around for a very long time, although this is a modern term, first used in the 19th century.

However, one of the first famous people to be considered a vegetarian was Pythagoras, who firmly believed in reincarnation and believed that his loved ones could reincarnate as animals.

In fact, he became famous for his diet, so much so that this regimen was called “the Pythagorean diet.”

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