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5 alternative uses that you can give to the hibiscus flower

25 mayo, 2021

We all like a refreshing water from Jamaica, and it is one of the favorites to accompany our meals. But did you know that you can give this flower many uses?

Read on and discover how you can use the hibiscus flower for different needs in your home. It is a wonder!

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Alternative uses for hibiscus flower

It is an excellent disinfectant

According to Javier Castro, a scientist at the Autonomous University of the State of Hidalgo, hibiscus is a great disinfectant, much better than chlorine!

This flower can act against resistant and non-resistant bacteria for the use of antibiotics.

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Jamaica pigment (Photo: Getty Images)

Jamaica as a natural coloring

The calyces of this plant are also used as a natural food coloring. For example, it can be a rich and original alternative to make red rice or also for meat.

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For your skin

This flower is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids that help reduce hyperpigmentation. This means that it increases the clarity of the skin and gives it a more youthful appearance.

When applied to your skin, it helps eliminate dead skin cells and stimulates the renewal of new cells.

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jamiaca sauce

Jamaica good for hypertension

The hibiscus flower has the qualities of reducing bad cholesterol by up to 35% and triglycerides by up to 19%.

That’s right: not only is it very refreshing and delicious, it is also very healthy. Don’t forget to include it in your meals!

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Textile use

In addition to food, it is very good at dyeing different materials, including fabrics. You can use it as a safe and effective food coloring.

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