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49 recipes for soups and cold creams for summer

24 mayo, 2021

We are in the middle of summer and we continue to enjoy the heat and the high temperatures (although sometimes they are too much). Our body asks fresh and light recipes and the cold soups and creams they are presented as the most suitable alternatives. They are tasty, healthy, nutritious and there are many others reasons to consume soups and cold creams in summer.

  • Thanks to your high water content We add liquids to the diet, something especially important to combat possible dehydration.
  • Incorporate seasonal foods to our menus, which are at their best in terms of flavor, quality and price.
  • They are light and with the capacity to satisfy without adding too many calories to the diet.
  • They contribute various nutrients as proteins, fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that help prevent nutritional deficiencies and have a positive impact on health.
  • Refresh and they are good weapons to fight against high temperatures.
  • They are not only quick and easy to prepare, but also versatile as they admit a number of variations.

Can gazpacho, salmorejo and ajoblanco be frozen?  How to keep your soups cold for the summer

For all these reasons, soups and cold creams are healthy and recommended dishes to include in our regular menu during the summer. There is no doubt that the traditional recipes for Andalusian gazpacho and Cordovan salmorejo are the most popular and consumed, but they are not the only alternatives. We propose 49 recipes for soups and cold creams for summer with which to get out of the routine and add diversity to our menus.

Vichyssoise without cream or butter Vichyssoise without cream or butter

GAZPACHO our favorite RECIPE so that it always comes out delicious

With leek

Possibly the vichyssoise the french cold cream most famous of its gastronomy. As widespread throughout the rest of the world as it is covered. Among our proposals we include, in addition to the traditional recipe, versions with apple, shrimp cream, zucchini or without cream and butter. But these are not the only soups or cold creams with a leek base, there are several more. This is, however, its canonical version.

We clean the leeks well, making cross incisions in the green end and place them under a stream of water. Next we remove the first or outer layer and take advantage of the rest. For our recipe we will need to cut the white part of the leeks.

So, we take the white part and chop it into slices or pieces. The green part is perfect for flavoring chicken and fish broths. I always keep it clean in the freezer for when I need it. We also wash, peel and chop the potatoes into pieces.

Sauté the leek in the butter, over a very low heat so that it does not take on any color. When it is soft we add the potatoes and the broth. Tradition says that you have to do it with chicken broth but if you want a vegetarian recipe you can use water or vegetable broth. We raise the heat and cook for 30 minutes until the potatoes are very tender. Then we blend it with the blender and when it cools down a bit, we add the liquid cream.

To finish our cream, we strain it through the fine strainer to remove all the remaining strands. If we want, too we can take this delicious cream of leek hot like any other vegetable puree or cream, although the most common is to consume the vichyssoise cold. To do this, we let it cool in the fridge and serve it in bowls or in a jug to drink as a drink.

Other cold creams with leek

With carrot

The carrot is a vegetable that plays a huge role in the preparation of cold creams and soups. Whether cooked or raw, that sweet spot that it has provides a magnificent touch of flavor. So, in addition to being refreshing and nutritious, they are very tasty.

Cold Carrot and Green Apple Cream with Peanut Butter and Coconut Cold Carrot and Green Apple Cream with Peanut Butter and Coconut

How to get a gazpacho and a fine, emulsified and creamy salmorejo like the one in restaurants (without Thermomix)

With cucumber

Refreshing and light, so are the soups and creams that have cucumber as the main element. It is a food of very low caloric intake and very high percentage of water, perfect for those who need to control their calorie intake.

Cold cucumber and avocado cream with smoked salmon Cold cucumber and avocado cream with smoked salmon

With avocado

Our recommendations for cold creams with avocado, in addition to the last one in the previous section, are original and delicious. The combinations are endless, as many as the imagination allows. You can expand the list with your ideas and proposals.

Green avocado and cucumber gazpacho Green avocado and cucumber gazpacho

No common denominator

With no common denominator, there are many other soups and cold creams that we love. Mango, beet, watercress, yogurt, pumpkin, coconut, melon and other ingredients are its protagonists. Perfect for the light lunches and dinners that are so popular in summer.

Pumpkin cream with cottage cheese, sesame and Port reduction Pumpkin cream with cottage cheese, sesame and Port reduction

This summer you will master gazpacho: seven essential tricks

Classics of Spanish gastronomy

Spanish gastronomy is rich in soups and cold creams, among which the Malaga ajoblanco, the porra from Antequera and the Cordovan salmorejo stand out. Of all of them there are versions, adding, eliminating or changing some ingredients for others, with or without Thermomix, etc. These are.

Malaga ajoblanco Malaga ajoblanco

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Gazpachos alternative

We leave the gazpacho for last, omnipresent in our kitchens, restaurants, bars and beach bars at this time of year. From the traditional recipe we have prepared many versions, some of which we like even more. All of them very different from each other, all of them deserving of a place in our cookbooks.

Gazpacho with avocado Gazpacho with avocado

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