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47 ideas for cooking with minced meat and three tips for buying and keeping it

22 mayo, 2021

Minced meat or ground meat is a common ingredient in many recipes, so it is not surprising that we always have this product in our fridge or freezer. Today we want to give you 47 ideas for cooking with minced meat and three tips for buying and preserving it correctly.

The first thing to remember is that this is a delicate product., which is easily damaged, so it should be used immediately or otherwise, store it in the freezer Where it can be in perfect condition for up to six months, ready for when we want to use it after defrosting.

In the fridge, it is not good to keep minced meat for more than two or three days, because it will lose its natural color and a good part of its flavor and juiciness, spoiling in a few days, after that period. So if you buy a kilo of minced meat and you have some left over once the chosen recipe is made, the best thing is that freeze it in easy-to-use portions and avoid food risks.

Trick to freeze minced meat in portions

Three tips for buying and preserving minced meat.

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It is not the same minced meat as meat preparations type burger meat with preservatives. Me I always buy minced meat the day I’m going to use it, and I always ask that they run it through the machine only once, because with two passes it is almost like a paste and it begins to oxidize faster.

If you are not going to consume the minced meat in a day or two, it is better to freeze it or buy it prepared with preservative additives.

When we buy a piece of meat and ask to be minced, we can choose the piece or cut we want, seeing if it is lean, if it has fat and choosing it to our liking. This way we will have good minced meat, either beef, pork or mixed.

I usually choose minced beef, I recommend you ask needle meat that is well priced and is very tender, remembering that it does not last more than two days without risk.

If, for example, you are going to do the shopping on a Wednesday or Thursday to use the minced meat on the weekendIt is better not to buy minced meat in front of you, but rather prepackaged ones, because those have additives that facilitate their preservation.

Another good option – and it is much better – is to buy the minced meat in front of you and freeze it when you get home, with our portioning system, and then defrost it slowly on Friday in the fridge.

47 ideas for cooking with minced meat

Bolognese sauce Authentic Bolognese Sauce

Ground beef burgers

Maybe preparing hamburgers is one of the first thoughts that occur to us when we have minced meat. In fact, when I have leftover minced meat, I usually make hamburgers and keep them frozen for when we feel like it at home.

homemade burger How to make homemade burgers

Here you can see how to make homemade burgers, With every little detail And if you want to learn more, here are Carmen’s tips and tricks for making hamburgers, with her best hamburger recipe.

Nor should we forget the versions of this dish which has its origin – and its name also derives from there – in Germany. This recipe for frikadellen or German spiced burgers is a good example of how they are prepared there. Do not stop trying them.

big kahuna burger The mythical Big Kahuna hamburger from the Tarantino movies

To include a full recipe, I have selected one Mythical hamburger, the Big Kahuna, the famous hamburger from the Quentin Tarantino movies that you can prepare by following these instructions.

The first part is to mix the meat, working the two types of meat, adding the caramelised onion and the finely chopped pickle. It is then seasoned and left to rest. After sitting the mixture in the fridge for an hour, it is easy to shape the burger, which I stretched to be similar in size to the bun. The other processes to assemble this burger are to lightly toast the buns so that they are slightly crisp, brown the pineapple slices, and fry the bacon until it is well toasted. Once we have everything ready, we grill the hamburger at medium high temperature, so that it is well browned on the outside and juicy on the inside. It will take two or three minutes for each side. When turning it over, we place a slice of cheese -preferably a slice of cheddar- and we assemble the hamburger. On the bread, we place the lettuce and on it the cheeseburger. Cover the cheese with three slices of bacon and top with two well-browned pineapple slices.

Full Recipe Big Kahuna Burger

The authentic Bolognese sauce and other Italian recipes

lasagna Traditional meat lasagna

Mastering the preparation of the Bolognese Sauce is essential because with it we can make many pasta recipes, using it with short pasta as in these macaroni gratin with Bolognese sauce, to fill meat cannelloni or to make a delicious lasagna, either the traditional one, or Vincisgrassi, from the province of brands.

Other pasta recipes in which you can use minced meat are, for example, noodle recipes with minced meat and Roquefort cheese, or spaghetti nests with Burgos cheese and minced meat.

spaghetti meatballs The spaghetti meatballs or spaghetti with meatballs are a mythical dish in the USA

This recipe for spaghetti with meatballs or spaghetti Meatballs is so popular that for example it is the one that the dogs of The Lady and the Tramp and without a doubt one of the first that every American adolescent learns to cook.

  • Ingredients: 500 g Minced meat, 1 Egg, 15 g Breadcrumbs, 1 Onion, 300 g of Spaghetti, Barbecue sauce one tablespoon, Spices to taste, 1 grated Carrot, 1 branch of Celery, 200 ml of Red Wine, 50g of concentrated Tomato , 200 ml of meat broth
  • Elaboration: We start by preparing the meatballs. To do this, we mix the meat with the egg, garlic and parsley in a bowl, working the dough until it is uniform. We add the breadcrumbs and the spices that you like. I usually add pepper and a mixture of hot spices. A spoonful of barbecue sauce is also very good for it, which gives it a very interesting spicy flavor. We form the meatballs and cook them in the oven, putting them at 190º for 10 minutes simply by placing them on the tray. After 5 minutes we turn the meatballs so that they are made on both sides evenly. It does not matter that they are not fully cooked because they will finish being made in the sauce. To make the sauce, we fry the finely chopped onion and garlic in a large frying pan. Then add the chopped celery stick as small as possible and add the tomato concentrate, a glass of red wine and the glass of meat broth, add the spices according to our tastes and let it cook and reduce for 15 minutes. To finish off the sauce, add the grated carrot and cook for 5 minutes. Then we reintegrate the meatballs so that they finish cooking another 10 minutes in the sauce and while we cook the spaghetti in a large pot with water and salt. If during the last ten minutes of cooking the meatballs with the sauce, it runs out of liquid, add a ladle of the cooking water for the pasta.

Complete recipe for spaghetti meatballs or spaghetti with meatballs

Minced meat dumplings

meatloaf Gardener meatballs recipe

Since we have included the spaghetti with meatballs in the previous section, let’s say the meatballs are perfect to cook using the product that concerns us today. It is a tasty stew that we can make with many types of meat and many types of sauce and that we have already prepared very frequently.

From Pam’s Classic Meatballs in Sauce, to Meatballs with Dark Onion Sauce what my mother taught me to the garden meatballs that we published a few days ago, or the delicious homemade veal meatballs with sherry vegetable sauce, They are all very tasty and an excellent dish for daily because they spread and are delicious. You will also love the Moroccan version, the keftas or the original potatoes stuffed with meatballs that Esther taught us or the powerful pork meatballs with Teriyaki sauce by Philippe.

cuttlefish ink meatballs Cuttlefish in its ink with meatballs

For its originality, here you have the complete recipe of María José, a sea ​​and mountain combination of cuttlefish in its ink with meatballs that you will surely like.

  • Ingredients: 1 Large cuttlefish, 150g Minced pork, 150g Minced beef 1 Egg, Loaf bread soaked in milk (one piece), Breadcrumbs, Wheat flour, Garlic, Fresh parsley, a bunch, Ground black pepper, One piece dark chocolate, 1 onion, toasted almonds, toasted hazelnuts and white wine
  • Elaboration: We clean the cuttlefish and chop it. We save some ink to add later. In a deep casserole we put oil and the cuttlefish in cold. We make it lightly and add white wine and the chopped onion. We remove. We add water until it covers with the ink and let it boil until the cuttlefish is soft. To make the meatballs, we mix the two minced meats, two or three small minced large garlic, the minced parsley, the salt, the pepper and the whole egg. We mix it together with a little flour and chopped biscuit. We form the small meatballs so that they take more flavor with the cuttlefish. We pass them through flour and fry them. Once done, we add them to the casserole and cover them with water, letting them cook. We make a mince with the almonds, hazelnuts, the drained bread, some garlic and the chocolate and add it to the casserole. We rectify salt. We stir and serve.

Full recipe here

Vegetables with minced meat fillings

Greek meat musaka Greek meat musaka

Nothing as rich as combination of vegetables and greens with a sauce based on minced meat and tomato. A good example is this traditional Greek recipe, moussaka or musaka, made with layers of eggplant and a sauce similar to Bolognese.

We can also use minced meat to fill mushrooms, prepare onion rings stuffed with cheeseburger, make the classic aubergines stuffed with meat, zucchini stuffed with meat, or this other version in which we fill the zucchini with minced meat with tika massala curry, or the sarmale, a Romanian recipe of leaves cabbage stuffed with minced meat.

peppers stuffed with meat Peppers stuffed with minced meat

As a complete recipe, I have chosen some peppers …