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47 easy and delicious recipes

22 mayo, 2021

Is the leek a little forgotten because it lives in the shade of the onion? It is the feeling that it gives me when I see how little prominence it gets in today’s recipes, despite its many virtues. Softer and more digestive than garlic and onions, well-treated leek has an exquisite flavor and it also enriches a great variety of dishes with different cooking techniques.

Widely used in creams and soups, the leek by itself is a delight that is worth claiming, without forgetting that the green part can also be used. If you still haven’t fallen in love with the leek, surely with these recipes you will begin to look at this vegetable with different eyes.

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Creams and soups

Leek cream or vichyssoise

There are two spoon recipes in which the leek really reigns, the famous vichyssoise and the humble but tasty porrusalda or purrusalda. But both these dishes and other creams and soups can give a lot of themselves with variations of all kinds, and if you like spooning, you will love trying all these recipes.

Personally I love to have leek creams all year round, more rustic in winter like the cream of mushrooms and leeks with ginger, or fresher with a touch of fruit, as in the recipe for cold soup with apple and lemon. Most of these preparations they can be made more or less thick, enriching them with dairy or leaving them light and more velvety.

Appetizers, starters and tapas


If you want to incorporate the leek in your appetizers you just have to reinvent the most classic recipes, like the unbeatable croquettes in this recipe with confit leek filling. The same idea can be applied to the croquettes recipe that you like the most, whether they are ham, meat or fish. Meatballs, dumplings, samosas or dough rolls admit leek in all its forms.

Side dishes and first courses

Leak gratinated

The dishes in which we have a majority base of vegetables are used for breaking and unstitching, or in the case at hand, for side dishes or first courses. If they are very fresh and tender leeks, we can cut them into fine julienne strips and take them raw or blanched, also combined with other vegetables.

Although in the cold months the leeks are usually thicker, and therefore juicier if we cook them. It is time to prepare them whole, baked, steamed, grilled, sautéed or grilled, with the sauces that we like the most. For example, some leeks in papillote that can also be made with Thermomix are very simple. And why not apply the same calçots technique?

Recipes with meat

Chicken Fricassee

In my opinion, the best recipes to combine leek with meat and poultry are stews and stews. In the company or not of onion and more vegetables, it also makes a good pair with the potato to enhance the sauce of a good dish of chicken, pork or beef, as in the Irish-style stew of the family of The Corrs.

But of course there are so many more options for meat lovers to enjoy leeks. Stir-fries, empanadas, salads, or even a pizza It takes these toppings together, like the amazing Buffalo Chicken and Caramelised Leek Pizza.

Recipes with fish and seafood

Salmon al papillote

I recover the praises of the porrusalda with the version that includes cod among its ingredients, a great dish to enjoy all year round, since it can be as comforting as it is light if we vary the proportion of potato and leek. Because it is much softer than onion, the leek al dente or confit goes very well with the marine aromas, without killing the fish’s own flavor.

Although available all year round, in the cold months the leek is at its best and it seems that you want to cook it more; Let’s take advantage of the season to claim its gastronomic virtues and its nutritional power. It is a very versatile vegetable, rich in vitamins and minerals and with very few calories. What more could you ask for?

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