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4 no-bake dessert recipes you must try

29 mayo, 2021

Do not complicate and spoil your family with these no-bake desserts, they are a practical and delicious option for after eating.

You should always leave room for a small sweet after the main dish, however we know that you do not always have an oven on hand to prepare a great delicacy, so that this is no longer a problem we present you the best no-bake dessert recipes that we know. everyone will love them.

Tips for making healthier desserts

  • Include fruits, although they are not the only ingredient, having a good portion of fruits will always provide extra nutrients at dessert time.
  • Avoid processed sugar or artificial colors, use fruits or natural options to give your recipes a sweet flavor.
  • Use whole grain options, these preserve the grain of the cereal, so they are less processed and retain more fiber.
  • Add nuts, they are really nutritious and delicious.
  • Look for low-fat options, especially when using milk, butter, or yogurt.
  • Balance the recipes, it is worth having the occasional not-so-healthy ingredient, but the key is that you accompany it with more natural options.
  • Take care of the portions, remember that everything in excess is bad.
watermelon cake

Fruits are the best option when preparing no-bake desserts.

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  1. You lose weight: Contrary to popular belief, dessert can help you lose weight. People who taste a dessert and savor it, have a better satiety than those who are left hungry … and fall into temptation hours later.
  2. Prevents night cravings: restricting yourself from a dessert, as mentioned before, can be negative, if we are taking care of going up sizes. The dessert helps the body finish feeling satisfied throughout the day. This means that one dines lighter and there are no late night cravings.
  3. Increase your energy: dessert can give that extra energy to end the day. And, if you see it from the other side, it will also motivate you to do exercise and continue eating without guilt.
  4. It puts you in a good mood: have you had a not so good day? Dessert is that incentive that helps you feel better and that reminds you that not everything in life is so bad, and that the best always comes last.

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  • Strawberry ice cream with whipped cream

    strawberry ice cream with whipped cream

    Do not forget to save a good space for dessert, we are sure that this quick option will be one of your favorites.

  • Chocolate and raspberry mousse

    chocolate and raspberry mousse

    If you have a party or are preparing a dessert table you will love preparing individual servings of this recipe.

  • No-Bake Desserts: Orange Minimousse

    Orange Minimousse

    This dessert option is perfect to share with more people since it comes in individual options.

  • Original watermelon cake

    watermelon cake

    This dessert is totally fun and perfect to prepare together with the children.