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39 Easy Sweet and Savory Tamale Recipes

25 mayo, 2021

Either for Candlemas Day, for a Sunday with the family or for the sheer whim, you cannot miss these easy tamales recipes. How do you prefer them, sweet or savory?

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Tamales: know their history and origin

The tamale is a generic name given to several American dishes of indigenous origin, which is commonly prepared with cooked corn dough, wrapped in leaves of the cob or of the same corn plant, banana, bijao, maguey, avocado and even, in aluminum foil or plastic.

This dough usually has some type of filling such as meat, vegetables, chili, fruit, sauce, etc., and its flavor can be sweet or salty.

The word tamal comes from Nahuatl tamalli, which means wrapped; the origin of this food is disputed between several countries in America:

Various varieties of tamales have been developed in almost all the countries of the American continent.

The countries where they are most prepared are Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Chile, Bolivia and the countries of Central America.

Despite this, everything indicates that its origin really occurred in the central region of Mexico and from there it spread throughout the rest of America,

In fact, there is evidence that the predominant cultures in Mexico brought corn to other cultures and regions, as well as dishes and ways of cooking them.

According to archaeological research, some cultures of pre-Hispanic times used the tamale in religious rituals, offerings and for tombs.

Currently, tamales are an important part of a Mexican’s diet, being a very common dish at various festivals.

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Types of tamale

  • Oaxaqueños: They are made with corn dough and wrapped in a banana leaf, generally stuffed with pork or chicken with mole, but there are also iguana meat, yellow mole and chipilin.
  • Zacahuil: Also known as “party tamale”, they are prepared in a metal tub that is placed in a horizontal earth oven, heated with wood embers.
  • The zacahuil dough is made of crushed corn, painted a light red with dried chili powder and filled with pork or chicken meat.
  • Yucatecans: They are wrapped in banana leaves, stuffed with corn dough and cochinita pibil.
  • Corundas and tamales from Michoacán: They are made with vegetables, cheese and tequesquite scrambled with masa, wrapped in the leaf of the corn plant and given a triangular shape so they are smaller.
  • Tamales in the Northeast: They are thinner than the others and are made with corn dough on the cob and a meat stew.
  • Asturianos: It is prepared with corn grains ground with lime, its filling is Serrano ham with pork, it can also have bacon, Manchego cheese and cooked beans and they are steamed.
  • Sonoran: They are very spicy, since they use red or guajillo chilies spread on the corn husk.
  • Later, the dough is added with the filling, which can be pork, beef, chicken or ground meat with carrots and peas.
  • Sinaloenses: Two main ones derive from this state, the tontos tamales, which are made only of dough without filling, and the barbones, made with shrimp.
  • Sweet and corn tamales: They are made with sweetened corn dough and are filled with honey, jams or pieces of fruit.

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Tamale recipes

The tamale is delicious everywhere you see it and the best of all this is that there are so many flavors to be enjoyed that make it a complete wonder.

So that you don’t get the craving, we present several tamale recipes that you will learn to prepare easily and simply; get down to work and work, it has been said, you will become an expert in this delicacy.

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See Recipes:

  • Chipilín Tamale

    chipilín tamale

    Tamales are welcome regardless of the time of year. Prepare this chipilín tamale recipe and enjoy a unique flavor.

  • Oaxacan tamales

    oaxacan tamale

    One of the most popular recipes in Mexican cuisine is the Oaxacan tamales, they have become a traditional dish that you must prepare.

  • Sweet banana tamale

    sweet banana tamale

    We are sure that everyone will be a fan of these delicious and sweet banana tamales, topped with cajeta.

  • Bean tamales easy and practical recipe

    bean tamales

    You will love the flavor of these tamales thanks to the combination of the beans with the chipotle. They are perfect for sharing.

  • Learn to prepare tamales recipe with adobo

    adobo tamales

    These onboard tamales are perfect for lunch or dinner. The best thing is that its recipe is very easy and practical to prepare.

  • Cochinita pibil tamales

    cochinita pibil tamales

    These cochinita pibil tamales are undoubtedly everything you need to surprise everyone at your next meeting.

  • Delicious chocolate tamale with walnut and banana

    chocolate tamale with walnut

    Enjoy the delicious and sweet flavor of an authentic chocolate tamale with walnut and banana. It will surely be one of your favorite flavors.

  • Sweet peach, blueberry and coconut flavored tamales

    sweet tamale

    Share with all your family and friends a delicious recipe. For the little ones or those who are not lovers of spicy, we bring these delicious sweet tamales with peach, …

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    rajas and corn tamale

    Share with your whole family this delicious recipe for rajas tamales with corn and cheese. They are perfect for a special occasion.

  • Tricolor corn tamale

    Corn tamal

    Without a doubt you have to try these classic corn tamales, regardless of the occasion they are perfect and easy to prepare.

  • How to make tamales easily

    how to make tamales

    Learn how to easily prepare this tamales recipe and enjoy them whenever you want. You will be surprised how quick and easy it is.

  • Blackberry and cream cheese tamale

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  • Oaxacan mole tamale

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  • Bean and chorizo ​​tamale with holy leaf

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  • Ball tamales

    ball tamale

    Ball tamales are a traditional and popular recipe originally from the state of Chiapas, prepare them for a special meeting or celebration. Thanks to their size, they are perfect for sharing.…

  • Corn tamales with rajas

    Corn tamales with rajas

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  • Green tamales with chicken

    Green tamales with chicken

    Nobody can resist a good tamale and less if it is wrapped in a green leaf that fills it with a lot of flavor, so for this day there is no better …

  • Chocolate tamales

    Chocolate tamales

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