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37 easy and delicious recipes

25 mayo, 2021

Is puff pastry one of the best inventions of mankind? From the kitchen at least for sure, a delicious and magical dough that works as a blank canvas for almost everything we can think of. A good chilled or frozen puff pastry will get us out of more than one trouble, and that’s why we suggest recipes for canapes and appetizers with puff pastry for this Christmas.

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The ideal would be to prepare our own homemade puff pastry, a challenge that I will have to face one day, but there are many commercial brands that offer excellent quality. Without overdoing it, I always prefer a snack with puff pastry rather than resorting to pre-made toasts or tartlets, and our best recipes demonstrate the enormous versatility it offers for all occasions.

Stuffed surprises

Puff pastry with salmon

We start with surprise bites that allow a bit of play since the filling is completely hidden by the dough. If at the table there are people with allergies, intolerances or special requirements, obviously each filling will have to be notified and controlled if there are different recipes, but in general they are usually successful. We can also assemble them in a sandwich format, with a base and a lid, like the puff pastry stuffed with sardine dip.

Another advantage of sealing the dough is that the filling is well controlled without the risk of overflowing, they conserve heat better and it is avoided that it is dry. The key is to find the balance between dough and ingredients, and the mini format to eat one or two bites is the most comfortable, as in the brie sandwiches with tomato jam, whose recipe we offer you complete.

Brie bites with tomato jam

Brie Bites

Preheat the oven to 200ºC and prepare a tray. Roll out the puff pastry to a thickness of about 3-4 mm and a homogeneous and smooth texture. With the help of a pasta cutter or a glass, cut round portions, always in even numbers. Place the dough on the tray and lightly brush with the beaten egg. Place a piece of rindless brie cheese and a teaspoon of tomato jam. Add a touch of black pepper. Cover each half with the remaining batters, gently pressing down the edges with a fork. Brush with beaten egg and lightly puncture the top. Bake until the puff pastry is golden brown.

Other stuffed surprises

Puff pastry1

Rolled appetizers

Sausage rolls

The puff pastry handles very well and that allows you to manipulate the dough to create spirals and other rolled shapes. Discs, rolls or palmeritas are assembled in a moment and you don’t have to be very clever, even the smallest of the house can help us. It is also a great resource to give way to sauces, tapenades and other creams that we have around the fridge.

Canapes and skewers

Express Puff Pastry

With only stretch and trim portions puff pastry we already have a very simple base to make canapés with whatever we can think of. As you can see in this recipe for express puff pastry with prawns and confit leeks, it is a breeze to create a party-worthy appetizer in just a few minutes.

With a round, square or rectangular base, forming millefeuille, skewers or tartlets, there are thousands of possibilities to create puff pastry canapes. You can use these recipes as inspiration to change the fillings and dressings to your liking.

Empanadas, empanadillas and more

Puff Pastry Croissants

A separate chapter deserves the puff pastry versions of other recipes usually made with different doughs. I have witnessed angry debates about which are the richest empanadas, if with dough or puff pastry, because the subject is not to be taken as a joke. What side are you on? I defend both, each delicious in its own way, and to some extent interchangeable to try different flavors.

The large empanadas and type cakes foot They are very quick to assemble and you just have to cut them into portions to have a complete snack tray ready for the guests. We have, for example, a very tasty recipe, the chicken puff pastry, or the most attractive format of the curry chicken braid.


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Savory tarts and fake cocas


We consider that a salty tart differs from an empanada by the cover absence. The puff pastry can serve as the base for false cocas, a tarte tatin or all kinds of quiches, recipes that in some cases can be prepared in advance to give them a final heat stroke, such as puff pastry with vegetables and feta cheese. Others are also delicious warm or cold.

Do you use resort to puff pastry on special occasions? What is your wildcard recipe or dish to impress with this dough?

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