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33 recipes to celebrate World Egg Day

22 mayo, 2021

Although it seems like there are days for everything, I like to join the World Egg Day because I think it is a fantastic product and food, as well as a basic ingredient in many recipes. I’m glad that the old myths around its consumption are already being forgotten, but nowadays it seems that the clear ones get all the attention. And the yolks?

Yes, the egg yolk concentrates practically all the fat in it, but we know that it is full of very healthy nutrients that it would be a shame to waste. Always without going crazy and in a balanced diet, the yolk is also a gastronomic delight and with fantastic culinary properties. If you have leftover yolks from other recipes, here you have 31 different ideas to take advantage of them.

How to make Huevos Rancheros, the classic Mexican breakfast

Savory dishes


I know that almost everyone would expect to enter the sweet terrain, but the yolks are also a good resource to enrich savory dishes. If you dare to cook them or pickle them in salt, they are a delicious and nutritious dressing for salads, soups, creams, canapes, pasta or whatever comes to mind. And if we get a little old, can we recover that wonder? which is the spun egg.

In raw we can add them to dishes that have a creamy base or base. They help to bind and enhance creaminess with an unctuous finish on the palate, a good alternative to always turning to dairy, which can reduce the flavor of recipes too much. We have the cold avgolemono or Greek lemon soup and the comforting onion cream with beer, which one are you more in the mood for?


More uses of leftover yolks in salting are, for example, these succulent duchess potatoes, a fancy garnish that devours itself. Also, to look good with the guests, you can encourage yourself to prepare the original potato churros, Parmesan cheese and mustard, and this vegetable terrine with English curry sauce surprises anyone even though it is very simple.

Lifelong desserts

Sky Bacon

We stop roaming around to satisfy the desires of those with a sweet tooth, moving on to sweet with the unbeatable desserts of a lifetime. If the egg is a basic ingredient of the most homely pastry, the yolks could not be missing in those desserts that take us back to childhood. You know, in other times everything was taken advantage of and nothing was thrown away, least of all the rich yolks!

It is clear that the king of typical sweets, as far as yolks are concerned, is the bacon of heaven. Yes, loaded with calories, but it is still a jewel of our gastronomic heritage. I admit that for me it is too sweet, but surely there are many passionate about this sweet among you. We have two recipes to take advantage of the yolks, the classic sky bacon also with Thermomix, and a sky bacon with cranberry sauce to give it another touch.

Flan yolks

Something more restrained is the flan, which admits many variations and in which it is easier to reduce the amount of sugar, if we want. There are great recipes to take advantage of the yolks, like this one for egg and goat cheese flan or this one for Chinese flan. And inside the kitchen of use, they could not miss a good express torrijas.

But I think that in this group of desserts I prefer the Custard. Again a very wide field from which we can draw many, many recipes, and all could be adapted to take advantage of the yolks that are around us in the fridge. Here you have a very appetizing trio to choose from:

Very sweet creams

Catalan Coffee Cream

The truth is that there are desserts with such a similar base that it is difficult to establish clear borders, but in general the dessert creams are usually separated from the field of custard. They are all spoon desserts with a more or less dense creaminess, but in this case we get closer to the land of Catalan cream and his cousins.

In the end, the name is almost the least of it if the result makes us salivate. The important thing is to find your favorite recipe, to your liking, and indulge your family or friends from time to time. Which variant of our creams tempts you the most?

Creamy homemade ice cream


If you have not had a refrigerator overdose this summer, surely you still want to prepare one at home -and more with the happy veroño on top-. Not all ice cream has to incorporate yolks to be creamy, but it is usually one of the most typical bases to achieve that perfect texture.

The ice cream procedure It is almost the same as for the custard preparation: the yolks are beaten a little with the milk and the mixture is added to the rest of the preparation while hot, cooking while stirring so that it thickens without lumps. Do you want to go rehearsing?

World desserts


We finish with a selection of more international sweets and desserts, because obviously we do not have the exclusive recipes with egg yolks. The sabayon with red fruits that heads this post is a very appetizing Italian recipe, with few ingredients but that can give a lot of play with a beautiful presentation and if we know how to accompany it well.

We can go to Brazil to taste the Brazilian quindim, which acquires a curious double texture after cooking. The arabic cake is another dessert to present with guests, and the caramelized cream pie takes us to France in a kind of pastel version of the crème brûlée. To finish, another cake, this time combining something of ours with American pastries, a spectacular cheese cake with sky bacon.

Maybe he should have finished with the salty recipes so as not to fill up on so much sweet. Actually the idea is simply to leave you suggestions for when you need to output leftover egg yolks. By the way, have you ever found an egg with two yolks inside?

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