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3 useful ways to use soda in your home

26 mayo, 2021

Yes, as you read it: the soft drink it is not only good for drinking. Although it is true that we crave a very cold glass in this heat, a good way to avoid the temptation to finish the bottle is to give it another use.

And is that drinking soda is really harmful to health, so you must take care of its consumption to avoid different diseases.

So you don’t waste the soda you already bought, we give you 3 useful tips to use at home.

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3 ways to use soda at home

Loosen screws

Loosen screws with soda

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Do you have something to disassemble and a screw is not left? Do not exhaust yourself more! You just have to spray a little soda on the screw area and let it act for a few minutes. You will see that it comes out easier.

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Remove rust from metals with soda

Remove rust with soda

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With the passage of time or also due to humidity, we have kitchen utensils and even tools that fill with rust.

For a really effective cleaning, dip these in cola and let it act for a few minutes, as the acid in it acts as a cleaner.

Subsequently, scrub with a soapy sponge and rinse. You can also use this trick to wash pans and pots.

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Clean the toilet

Clean the toilet with soda

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Its surface tends to accumulate scale due to humidity. To eliminate it, empty a can inside and let it act for an hour. Then brush as usual. You will be fascinated by the result!

This method can also be used to wash the bathroom floor and make it cleaner and shinier.

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