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3 important reasons why you should wear gloves when cleaning

24 mayo, 2021

Although we do not like dirt or chemicals on our hands, sometimes it is easy not to use cleaning gloves Our home. However, we are not aware of the damage that we can be doing to our hands, and to our health in general.

That is why we share 3 reasons for you to start using them for the different cleaning tasks you have at home. Take note!

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Cleaning gloves: why you should use them

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Beware of hot water

Our hands are in contact not only with chemicals when cleaning, but sometimes we use hot water to remove grime or some other type of dirt in the kitchen.

And we know, accidents can happen and burn us, either with the water or the edge of the container that we use, especially if it has metal parts. Cleaning gloves can protect our hands from burns, and prevent them from drying out and feeling rough.

Harmful chemicals

Our hands come into contact with chemicals especially when washing dishes that, over time, deteriorate the appearance and health of the skin and nails.

On the surface, many products seem harmless, but the truth is that they can be responsible for many allergies and skin irritations.

Gloves are excellent protection to prevent your hands and nails from being abused. Even so, we recommend that you review the components of the soaps and detergents you use and try to use those that have natural compounds as much as possible.

Cleaning gloves are a barrier to various diseases

Bacteria are always present in our home, no matter how much cleaning we do. By not wearing gloves, we are more likely to get sick.

Much of the dirt can get trapped under the nails, even though we wash our hands perfectly. To avoid further contact with harmful agents, the use of gloves is ideal.

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Tips for using gloves to clean

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  • If you do not use them, you may find it uncomfortable at first and it may take time to get used to it. Therefore, follow these recommendations:
  • There are gloves to clean of different measures, try to use the ones that best suit your size (they are, regularly, small, medium and large).
  • You can find them with plush filling, which takes a little more care of your hands, in case you have any allergies to latex. If not, any of these may work for you.
  • Gloves also have their life span and tend to break. To make them last longer, after using them, rinse them with clean water while you are wearing them and then dry them to perfection. Soap tends to sting them and that is why they break more easily.
  • After taking them off, wash your hands very well.

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