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3 clericot recipes to toast with your partner (with good, beautiful and cheap wines)

25 mayo, 2021

On Valentine’s Day you cannot miss a romantic drink to toast love and get in the mood. Therefore, we want to share these 3 ways to prepare Clericot and crash the glasses with your partner. Learn to prepare them!

Tip: Since clericot is a drink made with fruits and mineral water, you can use an inexpensive wine to prepare it, and you will still enjoy its great taste.

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The history of the clericot that you should know

Types of wine

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This, without a doubt, is one of the most refreshing and elegant drinks for a lunch or dinner. But did you already know that it is a drink full of mystery?

Its origin dates back to the time of the Roman Empire, when it sought to seize the lands that comprise Great Britain and France, dominated by the Celts.

The Celtic people celebrated different festivals, including the end of the year, which in that culture dated October 31, a date dedicated to Samhain, a festival in which it was believed that the dead returned to this world (what we know today as Halloween ).

The Celts, to commemorate the date, prepared red wine combined with soaked fruits.

During those days, the Romans also had the festival of the goddess of fruits and trees, which they celebrated with wine and fruit.

After the Roman conquest, the combination of these celebrations resulted in the clericot, a drink that today we like to prepare at any time of the year, because it is delicious and refreshing.

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Curiosities about wine to share with your partner

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Is there anything more seductive than a glass of wine? Yes, this is the drink of lovers, without a doubt. Captivate your partner by sharing these curiosities.

  • The oldest wine cellar is in Armenia, dating back to 4,100 BC.
  • Currently, the largest wine cellar is located in Moldova, which houses more than 2 million bottles in 193 kilometers of underground tunnel.
  • There is a curious technique to age wines and this is to submerge the bottles in the sea: this has been shown by the old bottles that have been found from the shipwrecks and found in perfect condition.
  • There is a type of wine called “ice wine” and it is made from frozen grapes.
  • We know red, white and pink wine, but there is also orange wine, which is created through contact with the pigments of the grape skins during the maceration process.

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Clericot recipes

See Recipes:

  • Clericot with rosé wine to celebrate with your partner

    clericot of rosé wine

    This clericot with rosé wine recipe is perfect to surprise a special person or simply relax and pamper yourself on a hot afternoon.

  • Clericot: recipe with white wine

    Clericot recipe with white wine

    This drink is to celebrate any occasion. We share with you this clericot recipe with white wine, very easy to prepare!

  • How to prepare clericot to celebrate on any occasion

    How to prepare clericot at home for any occasion

    Celebrate to the fullest with all your family and friends with a glass of clericot. It will be the favorite of all your guests at these parties.