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29 lamb and kid recipes to help you make it big this holiday season. Christmas recipe.

22 mayo, 2021

According to the Interprofessional of the lamb and the kid, the consumption of these foods is, in general, very seasonal. In the months of November, December and January is when we consume these products the most. So that you have many ideas for your Christmas roasts and so that you can see how many possibilities this meat has, we have prepared these 29 recipes with lamb to get the most out of this ingredient.

The 71 meat recipes for this Christmas

The shoulders, the legs, the chops and the new cuts of lamb give us many options when it comes to roast, fry, stew or cook this meat full of culinary possibilities. These are our best proposals for cooking with lamb meat, which you can also cook with goat meat or kid.

Roast kids and lambs and other recipes made in the oven

Low Temperature Lamb

Lamb roasted in the oven is one of the favorite delicacies in most tables in our country, especially at Christmas time. We recently published the definitive recipe to make the roast suckling lamb shoulder, the complete recipe of which we leave you below.

When choosing the shoulders, -the front legs of the lamb- we will look for the smallest and we will calculate one per person. It is important to note that they are shoulders of suckling lamb or suckling lamb and not lamb, recental or other older varieties that will not be as tender. The churra breed suckling lamb is the most suitable for this roast, being an animal that has been fed exclusively on sheep’s milk and that gives a very delicate taste to its meat. To make it in the oven, we spread the shoulders with lard and put them in a clay dish. We also prepare a mixture of 75 ml of water and 25 ml of mild vinegar and chop the garlic cloves. Add half of this mixture to the casserole and put in the oven, preheated to 180ºC. We will have to bake the shoulders for about an hour and a half with the temperature at 160º. During the process, we will turn the shoulders every 20 minutes and replenish a little more of the water and vinegar mixture if necessary and we will see that it is not at the bottom. I like to varnish with a brush soaked in the mixture of water and vinegar to get a shiny gold. They will be finished and well cooked when the meat begins to peek off the bone.

Other recipes for kid and lamb in the oven

Nor should you lose sight of this recipe to make the shoulder at a low temperature, so that it is impossible more tender.


Another option is to opt for this recipe for roast lamb with thyme, which achieves an unforgettable balance of flavor between the meat of the suckling lamb and the freshness of the aromatic herbs. You can also make the thyme shoulder with this other recipe.


Either with lamb or kid, -with a milder flavor- the pieces of shoulder or suckling leg are perfect for roasting, for example on a bed of bakery potatoes, as in this very practical baked kid recipe for the upcoming holidays.


The shoulder is the queen of roasts, especially suckling lamb which, combined with potatoes and onion, is perfect after going through the oven. It does not require more than a little patience and the result is magnificent.


One of my favorite recipes is that of lamb cut into pieces and skewered on skewers or skewers, typical of the Valladolid area, especially from Traspinedo where they make the best lamb bars in the world. This lamb bars recipe is the adaptation to make it at home in the oven.


An original way of making this meat in the oven is the Mechoui lamb recipe, a recipe with exotic touches that reminds us of the recipes of Morocco and other areas of North Africa.


Not only the leg or shoulder are well roasted, but also other cuts such as chops, especially if they are cut in groups of two or three doing what is usually called Lamb meat. In this recipe you can see how to prepare it with a touch of honey and rosemary.


Leg meats are very lean and can be diced to make flavorful stir fry recipes. One of our favorites is the lean lamb with oriental-style yogurt sauce that will surely catch your eye.

Boneless and Stuffed Lamb Recipes


The leg of lamb is larger and meatier than shoulder so it is chosen fewer times than the latter when you want to grill. However, it is a very juicy meat and it is practical to use it to make recipes in which it is filled with other ingredients.

This recipe for leg of lamb stuffed with chestnuts and mushrooms, is perfect at this time of year, and also, it spreads a lot since with just one leg we can get rations for up to six people.


The leg can be stuffed with other ingredients or left on the side as a garnish, as in this boneless leg of lamb recipe, which is later we cut into slices or fillets and it also spreads a lot.


This other recipe is also very rich when combining the flavor of lamb stuffed with mushrooms, with an orange sauce. The color that the meat takes when passing through the oven and a original presentation before slicing they finish achieving the spectacular effect for a party recipe.


Finally, this leg of lamb stuffed with cheese, ham and dates is another good alternative to Christmas lamb roast recipes, which will undoubtedly be appreciated by everyone at home with those sweet touches of dates.

Stews made with lamb


Lamb and goat meat are perfect for making soupy stews such as stews and stewed potatoes. For example, this lamb stew recipe is a very simple way to prepare a homemade stew with few ingredients.


If you buy a lamb by means or by whole, you can use the shoulders for roasting, the legs for stuffing or roasting, the ribs for frying or breading and with the pieces of neck and brisket, you can make cheap and tasty stews like these potatoes stewed with lamb and mushrooms that your family will appreciate for the traditional stew flavor.


If you fancy a more exotic dish, you can make a tajine, the classic preparation of Moroccan cuisine with its spicy flavors. This lamb tagine with zucchini, prunes and mint is a good example of what I am telling you.

Recipes with lamb and kid fried, grilled or grilled


The chops, also called chops or chops Depending on the zones, they are perfect for frying, grilling or grilling. This recipe for Grilled Chops with Yogurt and Mint Sauce is a quick recipe made with just three ingredients that is guaranteed to be a hit.


We have seen that aromatic herbs nuance the flavor of the lamb leaving it tasty and exquisite. If we used mint before, in this recipe for lamb chops with sage, this herb gives a spectacular touch to the meat.


Maybe it’s because They were the ones that my grandmother made and because I associate them with family dinners at her house, They are already very far away in time, but the Villaroy chops recipe is my favorite way of taking suckling lamb chops.


A a good way to cook the cutlets is to prepare a previous marinade and spread them well before cooking them on the grill. In this mint lamb chops recipe, that marinade is made with mint leaves, olive oil, and lemon, so the aroma is really delicious.


On Murcia is tradition to cook lamb chops with a lot of garlic, and in this recipe for cabañil garlic cutlets you can learn how to make them to perfection. Just looking at them you can see that they smell that they feed.


With the leg meat boneless and sliced, other cuts of lamb can be made like these tournedos, which are then cooked on the grill and are perfect for a party recipe.

Other techniques and other recipes with lamb and kid


The new ways of cooking such as low temperature and the sous vide technique They work very well with lamb as in this recipe for lamb chops in two cooks, which we made with Hoisín sauce. The result is – literally – scrumptious. Delicious


Another part of the lamb highly appreciated by the most gourmet is that of the sweetbreads, which we can grill, or if we want to give it a more gourmet touch, we can make with this recipe for sweetbreads with Pedro Ximénez.


The Moussaka or musaka It is a traditional Greek dish, a kind of lasagna made with layers of eggplant and minced lamb. In this traditional Greek musaka recipe you can see another magnificent way to use lamb meat and discover the flavor it brings to this worldwide consumed stew.


Lamb is also perfect to use in fillings like those of these Mallorcan empanadas, very typical at Easter in the Balearic Islands and that we have to try. That filling should be too tasty to be overlooked.


The Moorish skewersThey are traditionally made with lamb meat -not pork as we usually do in Spain. This is our recipe to make them the traditional way. You will also like kebabs a lot, especially those in this recipe for lamb kebabs, original and delicious like few others.

With these 29 possibilities for cook with lamb and kidYou just need to take advantage of the prices that lamb has now and start practicing to choose what will be your favorite recipe with this tasty ingredient that the Christmas holidays are very close to. On the other hand, you will surely discover that you can …