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29 croquettes recipes and two tricks to make and preserve them

21 mayo, 2021

Today, January 16, the Croquette Day. For this reason, we have prepared a compilation with 29 croquettes recipes published on Directo al Paladar, which will surely come in handy to inspire you when you want to prepare one of the favorite dishes of almost everyone.

Although croquette today is a typically Spanish dish, it seems that its origin comes from France. Curiously, croquette is more popular in Sicily or the Netherlands than in France, and it is certainly one of the favorite dishes throughout the Spanish geography.

Wrap croquettes in "zero comma" it is possible with the technique that we teach you in this video

To celebrate Croquette Day, we propose these 29 croquettes recipes that we have ordered according to their ingredients, distinguishing croquettes from meat products and sausages, cheese croquettes, fish, vegetable and mushroom croquettes. You will tell us which ones you like the most.

A) Croquettes of sausages, poultry and other meat products

1. Iberian ham and hard-boiled egg croquettes

Ham croquettes

The Iberian ham and hard-boiled egg croquettes are one of the most delicious that can be billed. To make them, you can also use the remains of a ham that we cannot serve in slices, which is much cheaper, even if we ask our butcher for it. We leave you the complete recipe right here:

Chop the Iberian ham well so that it is in very small cubes. We put the butter and flour in the pan and as soon as the first one melts, we stir and add half of the ham, so that it is wrapped in that dough or roux. Very slowly, we add the milk in streams, allowing the dough to absorb it before adding more. In this way, we will never get lumps, while if we add all the milk at once, we will have to work more stirring to dissolve them correctly. Meanwhile, we cook the eggs and peel them, also mincing them very finely. As the béchamel thickens and we finish adding all the milk, we taste the salt, because the ham can be enough to season our croquettes pasta. When it is practically at its point, add the rest of the ham and the chopped hard-boiled egg. We will know that it is ready when the entire pan is filled with bubbles, and when you stir the pasta it makes a noise with the pan, forming paths or corridors when passing the spoon. We take out the béchamel and we let it cool in a source. I cover it with a kitchen film so that it does not crust over. When the pasta is cold, we form the croquettes and wrap them in beaten egg and breadcrumbs, frying them in batches of four or five croquettes in very hot oil. In this way, we ensure that they do not open to us and arrive with a very attractive appearance at the table.

2. Square foie croquettes

Foie croquettes

Croquettes are usually oval in shape

, although it is also frequent, as you have seen in the images that have other shapes, such as round ones. These square foie croquettes are also very original, both for their shape and for the exquisite ingredient that gives them their name.

3. Chicken and ham croquettes

Croquettes Cover

One of the richest varieties of croquettes, which are usually prepared in all the houses in our country, are the Chicken and ham croquettes. Here you can see the recipe. A simple and homemade dish that young and old like.

4. The chicken and ham croquettes by Francis Paniego

650 1000 The Croquettes Of Francis

If you want to do the chicken and ham croquettes like a great chef, an expert in croquettes who continues to make them with his mother’s recipe, you should try Francis Paniego’s croquettes and prepare them like him because his recipe is infallible.

5. Oxtail croquettes


One of the advantages of making a cordovan oxtail stew is that after eating, there is always plenty of leftover. By deboning the meat from the remaining pieces of the tail, we can make many recipes for use, such as these delicious oxtail croquettes a la Cordobesa.

6. Madrilenian stew croquettes

Cooked Croquettes

The croquettes are always a good leftover recycling or recycling recipe. One of the best croquettes recipes that reinforce this usefulness are the Madrid stew croquettes that are made to give out the leftover meats used in this dish.

7. Chicken croquettes in Thermomix

Chicken Tmx

How many times does it happen that you do not prepare croquettes for the laziness that enters you when you think of their industriousness. It happened to us often until we discovered how comfortable and simple it is to make croquettes, in this case chicken, with Thermomix. The robot stir for us and results in a creamy dough to the fullest extent. Here we leave you the complete recipe step by step.

8. Cecina and boletus croquettes

Cecina Boletus Croquettes

The mushrooms are delicious in combination with sausages, and with that idea they have been prepared in this recipe for jerky and boletus croquettes that will surprise you with their intense flavor. An unforgettable mix in every bite.

9. Jerky and leek croquettes

Cecina Croquettes Recipe For Christmas

With the same ingredient, jerky, we propose another very interesting croquettes recipe such as jerky and leek croquettes, smooth and creamy, with a fragrant flavor.

10. Creamy black pudding croquettes

650 1000 Soft And Creamy Black Pudding Croquettes

The blood sausage can also be an excellent ingredient for making croquettes. good proof of this are these creamy black pudding croquettes in which the black pudding intervenes to provide its peculiar flavor.

11. Potato croquettes stuffed with blood sausage and confit onion

Black pudding potatoes

These croquettes cannot be considered strictly as such, since they do not carry béchamel, but this makes them a different snack, but just as exquisite. Here we leave you the complete recipe step by step.

12. Homemade chorizo ​​croquettes

Homemade Chorizo ​​Croquettes Recipe

Both sobrasada croquettes like chistorra croquettes or these great homemade chorizo ​​croquettes have in common their intense flavor and a certain fatty component that, as the recipe explains, must be watched so that they are just right. A delicious way to enjoy chorizo, another typical food of our country.

B) Cheese croquettes

13. Liquid gorgonzola cheese croquettes


The liquid croquettes recipe will blow your mind and not only because their texture is the bomb, but also because they are simpler and faster to prepare than the traditional ones. The crux of this recipe is to add neutral gelatin to the dough that, once cold, remains consistent and can be handled without problem and, when it goes through the pan, it melts into the layer of breading. This recipe can be applied to any filling, but we have decided to prepare them with gorgonzola cheese.

14. Roquefort cheese croquettes

Roque croquettes

If when making cheese croquettes, you use a powerful cheese such as Roquefort cheese, the result is a delight, which surprises everyone with the intensity in each bite. Here you can see the recipe for roquefort cheese croquettes

15. Spinach and blue cheese croquettes

650 1000 Creamy Spinach Croquettes

The combination of ingredients in this recipe for spinach and blue cheese croquettes is surprising and exquisite. Spinach and cheese are a great fit and They are reminiscent of the classic creamy spinach recipe.

16. Rice and pecorino cheese croquettes

Dap Rice Croquettes

Not all croquettes are based on a béchamel cream, although they should be in a strict sense. Continuing with the recipes for croquettes with cheese, this recipe for rice croquettes and pecorino romano cheese is a good proof that when it comes to croquettes, all ingredients can be used.

17. Assorted cheese croquettes

Cheese Croquettes Recipe

All the ingredients are good for making croquettes. Good proof of this, the delicious assorted cheese croquettes suitable for giving out any leftovers that we have of different types of cheeses. The cheeses used are melted into the béchamel sauce thus providing its creamy texture.

C) Fish croquettes

18. Carabineros croquettes


Carabineros are croquettes for big occasions since the price of this variety of seafood is undoubtedly it prevents us from doing them as often as we would like. But if you find the crustacean on offer, do not hesitate to do it. Here we leave you the recipe step by step.

19. Potato and tuna croquettes

Potato Tuna

If we understand croquettes as a dough necessarily made with béchamel, this recipe, which is more like a donut, should not be in the compilation, but it is a great preparation that is also suitable for lactose intolerant. The recipe for potato and tuna croquettes is also ideal to take on a picnic, as it is a less delicate bite that holds up better at room temperature.

20. Cod croquettes

Cod Croquettes Recipe

If we like ham croquettes or cheese croquettes, the fish cakes The best example of which is the cod croquettes, so classic at Easter. Here you can see how to do them step by step, in detail.

21. My mother’s cod croquettes

  Mg 3627 Copy

Each teacher has his booklet, the saying goes and good proof of it is this version of cod croquettes from María José’s mother, which prepares them delicious, according to what he tells us. This is his recipe for cod croquettes.

22. Potato and cod croquettes

Potatoes Cod

Let’s go with another recipe for cod croquettes, but this one in version fake, with potato and without béchamel. This recipe, halfway between the croquette and the donut, is a delight: they come in with astonishing ease.

23. Hake and prawn croquettes

Hake croquettes

Between the varieties of fish cakesThese hake and prawn croquettes are my favorites since the touch of seafood gives them an extra flavor that I especially like.

D) Vegetable croquettes

24. Wild asparagus and ham croquettes

Asparagus Ham

These wild asparagus and ham croquettes are very original, with a different flavor and a peculiar texture, with the slight crunch of the finely cut wild asparagus.

25. Broccoli croquettes


The filling is made with a high amount of broccoli and very little bechamel, which only appears as a unifying element without being the protagonist, which makes them the healthiest croquettes on the list. The breading also has no flour, only egg and breadcrumbs. Here is the complete step-by-step recipe.

26. Greek zucchini croquettes (Kolokofefirán)


Good proof that the croquettes are an international product, are these Greek zucchini croquettes, which you will undoubtedly like. A different recipe to put variety in our …