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28 sushi recipes to celebrate a World Sushi Day to everyone’s taste

24 mayo, 2021

On June 18, World Sushi Day is celebrated (International Sushi Day), an event born in 2009 in the United States to celebrate and spread the virtues of the most famous dish in Japanese cuisine. At Directo al Paladar we are passionate about Japanese cuisine and we cannot resist collecting our best sushi recipes to join in the celebration.

You will already know that the word sushi refers only to rice prepared with vinegar, so raw fish is not always included. It has become so popular that there are lots of more or less creative variations, with ingredients of all kinds and suitable for all tastes. The important thing is to master the rice technique and know the main varieties, what is your favorite sushi?

Chirashi sushi, the Japanese precursor to poke

More classic sushi recipes


The possibilities when preparing sushi multiply almost infinitely, taking into account the variety of formats and possible different fillings. However, we can highlight some elaborations as more classic, especially for the western palate.

There are two great types that are not missing even in the supermarket sushi trays: the nigiris and the makis, with all its variations. I would say that makis -uromakis, futomakis and temakis- are the first thing that everyone visualizes, perhaps because of the presence of nori seaweed. The basic preparation is very simple, just as my partner taught us Pakus in your easy sushi recipe.

Sushi Onigiri

Among the most typical fillings we find tuna and salmon, omelette, cucumber, eel, shiitake mushrooms, carrots, avocado or surimi-type substitutes. Roe is also a classic ingredient, for example in recipes such as the flying fish roe maki sushi, and they are ideal for another very popular format, which we see in the recipe for gunkan with capelin roe.

More showy are the california rolls or uramakis with the rice on the outside, like the tuna and cucumber uramakis or the avocado and black sesame uramakis, although good pieces of nigiri sushi look great on the table. Remember that the rice should be loose, nothing to form mazacote croquettes. The cucumber and salmon onigiri are based on the same idea but if we use a mold it will be easier that they come out perfect.


If you are not very good at forming the rice, we always have more options. The chirashi sushi or chirashizishi It is very easy to prepare and it is luxurious if we assemble the dishes well with good ingredients, leaving the rice at the bottom. And a less known format is that of oshisushi or pressed sushi, which we can also prepare by layering it with salmon and other ingredients.

Sushi recipes with meat

Uramaki sushi

Sushi with meat is certainly not very traditional, but it’s been the order of the day for a long time. Between the fusion proposals and the creativity of each chef, the range of sushi expands without limits also for the most carnivores. It can be a good gateway to those who think of raw fish gives them some creepiness.

If we don’t want to deviate too much from the more typical sushi we have, for example, the[recipeforchickenandavocadofutomakisandcrabandcucumbertoofferalittleofeverythingatthetablePankochickenandavocadotemakialsofollowtheclassicspirit[recetadefutomakisdepolloyaguacateycangrejoypepinoparaofrecerunpocodetodoenlamesaTambiénsiguenelespírituclásicolostemakidepollopankoyaguacatewith the crispy Japanese batter, which is repeated in the flying fish uramaki with wasabi, panko chicken and umeboshi, very colorful.

Carpaccio Sushi

Even less canonical are the tex-mex maki, filled with minced meat with a dressing of tomato, onion, chili and hot spices, or the chicken, avocado and cucumber nigiri, almost like a chicken salad in sushi format. And if you like carpaccios of good meat, you can dare to try the curried roast beef nigiris and beef carpaccio with parmesan and wasabi.

Creative and original sushi recipes

Sushi with quail egg and truffle

I am aware that many aberrations occur under the excuse of “fusion cuisine”, but also you have to be creative and original in this life; otherwise we would never move forward or discover new flavors.

Sushi, by its nature, gives a lot of room to innovate with more or less risky proposals, and in fact there are great renowned chefs who have created mythical dishes fusing Japanese gastronomy with other traditions. Ricardo Sanz from Kabuki, without going any further, has in his repertoire creations such as the fried quail egg nigiri with truffle.


A very fun option that will surprise everyone at home is the onigirazu or sushi sandwich for which we have the recipe on video. We propose a vegetable filling but you can add other ingredients to taste. The key is to prepare fresh and very colorful ingredients that stand out on the plate when the “sandwiches” are cut, delicious when accompanied by a tasty sauce.

Sushi Melon

If you dare to give it a spanish touch To your sushi tray you can try the recipe for melon and ham makis, great for summer, the Galician octopus nigiris, the fake piquillo pepper sushi or the curious gunkan of broad beans with ham and egg.

Also we have more ideas to inspire our creative side:

Salmon sushi

I also remind you of the sashimi recipe with its infallible trick to complete the table; after all, I confess that I like it much more than the most classic sushi. Do you dare to take advantage of the # WorldSushi Day excuse to prepare a special dinner today at home? What is your favorite?

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