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25 cooking tools every chef should have

25 mayo, 2021

If you consider yourself a true lover of cooking then you are not missing any of these … right?

If you are part of the great Easy Kitchen community, it is for two reasons: you love food and you love cooking. But the main difference between an amateur cook and a true chef (besides seasoning and natural talent) is a great kitchen. And we are not referring to the space, but to the elements that compose it.

This is the list of 25 must-have tools that everyone who calls themselves a ‘chef’ should have. You are?

1. Paring knife– Used to peel, cut, decorate and shape small fruits and vegetables into an oval shape, ideal for giving elegant and beautiful shapes to fruit arrangements.

2. Small knife: as its name implies, it is used to cut small things like garlic, walnuts or almonds.

3. Steak knife: It is used to cut meat, remove fat, nerves … etc

4. Saw knife: To cut bread, baguettes, puff pastry.

5. Chef’s knife: Also called “chef’s knife”, it is the most used knife in the kitchen. Its wide and triangular blade has a curved edge to be able to balance it on the cutting board and achieve more precision in the cut. They are primarily used for chopping, slicing or dicing, and chopping.

6. Ham knife: Yes, you guessed it, it is used to cut the ham. As a curious fact, some experts say that to properly taste the ham, you should use this knife and not the slicer.

basic kitchen utensils

7. Scissors: Although you think they can have the same use as your range of knives, there are some things that can only be done with scissors such as deboning chicken, cutting fish fins, trimming excess fat from meats, etc.

8. Metal balloon: to beat and mix. Mainly when you make pastries.

9. A measuring cup: preferably glass.

10. A mixer. Mine is very complete and has to chop, to beat, and to make smoothies.

11. A gratedA: to grate cheese, lemon or orange peel, ginger … everything you can think of.

basic kitchen utensils

12. An express pot: Basic!

13. A kitchen timer: Essential so you don’t miss the cooking time.

14. A good set of pans: We recommend that they be ceramic.

15. A baking tray: So that baked goods have a good cooking and texture.

16. A coffee pot: To start the day right!

17. A deep fryer. There are different measures. A two-liter is enough.

18. A Spice rack: What gives flavor to your kitchen! Let it be varied and well stocked.

basic kitchen utensils

19. A ladle and slotted spoon: to be able to serve the dishes properly.

20. A mortar: to crush ingredients that you want to use in a dish, such as garlic, parsley, salt, spices …

21. A lettuce drainer: to prevent salads from having excess water.

22. A good cutting board: of good size and that have support so that they do not move while you cut.

23. A scale: useful in confectionery where the quantities are very important.

24. A sharpener: It is a steel cylinder that is used to sharpen knives and scissors that no longer cut as at the beginning.

25. A good blender: at our level, a device that only blends is not enough, you need a multipurpose blender that gives you the best consistencies and textures in a short time, such as the bi-motor blender Orbit from Solac that processes at the cellular level thanks to its 20,000 RPM on each of the motors. Also, your glass of 2.5 liters BPA-free, ultra-clear and lightweight, it’s made from TritanTM from Eastman, which is why it’s resistant to bumps, drops, scratches, and food acids, so you don’t just cook anything. Includes 4 sets of stainless steel blades and 2 bottles of 500 ml with which you can prepare 2 recipes at the same time.

basic kitchen utensils

Of course the list can go on and on, but if you comply with these, and especially with your blender ORBIT we are sure you are a CHEF with all its letters. If you want to know more about the products SOLAC click here and find out why we recommend it.

¡A cocinar se ha dicho!