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24 healthy salad recipes for Lent

25 mayo, 2021

The season of Lent is ideal to prepare salads recipes, as it is the perfect opportunity to try a great diversity of ingredients, such as fish and seafood combined with green leaves, vegetables and exquisite dressings.

Take note of these delicious ideas to prepare healthy salads with the best seasonal foods.

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Lenten salads recipes: know the best seasonal ingredients

Every salad, to be complete, needs its protein, whether of vegetable or animal origin. Today we want to share with you which seafood products are perfect for this dish:


Recipes for weight loss

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A medium shrimp has only 127 calories. Instead of oil or butter, prepare them with orange juice to avoid increasing the caloric content.

Take their flavor to the fullest by dressing them with garlic and fine herbs … add them to a pasta, salad or eat them on their own.

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It has 89 calories per 100 grams, plus butter or cooking accessories.

The most popular is the Maine or American lobster, thanks to its large claws full of delicious meat.

They are very popular alone or in tacos, but take the risk and try it in combination with a salad. You will not regret!

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Crab for salads recipes

crab salad

To eat light this Lent, nothing better than this crab salad recipe with avocado. Don’t miss out on preparing it!

This crustacean has 5 pairs of legs and is also known as a blue crab. Yes, before cooking this is its color.

To reach the bottom of the tongs, you can use chopsticks. It is delicious in an avocado salad.

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This version of crab meat is common to find served in sushi, but you can also use it in salads, stews and even soups. It is a good source of protein, contains little fat, and has good nutrients. An ideal option to consume at an affordable cost. Getty Images

It is the seafood sausage: a very rich and versatile ingredient, as well as being one of the cheapest options.

Make fun recipes by combining it with tomato, onion, ketchup and lemon juice. Complement with toast and… voila!

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Fish the best for salads recipes

artichoke heart

And, of course, you could not miss the wide variety of fish, which have a high content of B complex, are high in omega 3 and have only 200 calories per 100-gram serving.

Salmon, being fresh, is the ideal fish to enjoy with salads. Don’t miss out on these recipes!

See Recipes:

  • Elbow pasta salad with vegetables

    Vegetarian Pasta Salad

    A very rich and healthy option for those who love vegetables. A fresh vegetarian elbow pasta salad can always be your best ally.

  • Salmon loin with mustard with mango and purslane salad

    Salmon loin with mustard

    A Lent full of health and flavor awaits you with this mustard salmon tenderloin with mango and purslane salad. Prepare it!

  • Healthy Purslane Salad with Chickpea

    Purslane salad with chickpea

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  • Chicken salad with kale and tomato

    Chicken salad recipe with kale and tomato

    Get ready to enjoy the richest chicken salad recipe with kale and tomato. Follow the step by step to make it at home

  • Chickpea salad with falafel

    Chickpea salad with falafel

    Try something different to take care of your health. Make this chickpea salad with falafel, which is delicious and nutritious.

  • Delicious tuna and avocado salad super easy

    Avocado salad with tuna

    This avocado salad with tuna has a very special touch. Discover how to prepare it and share it with your family, it is delicious!

  • Nopal salad: healthy, cheap and delicious food to celebrate mom

    Healthy and cheap food: nopal salad

    If you are looking for cheap and delicious healthy food to celebrate mom on her day, this nopal salad is the ideal option for her.

  • Fried squid on papaya salad with ginger and chile de arbol


    Indulge yourself with the delicious combination of these fried squid on papaya salad with ginger and chile de arbol.

  • Crab salad

    crab salad

    To eat light this Lent, nothing better than this crab salad recipe with avocado. Don’t miss out on preparing it!

  • Tuna sashimi salad

    tuna sashimi salad

    We invite you to prepare this tuna sashimi salad, one of the lightest and healthiest recipes of the season.

  • Russian salad recipe with chicken

    Russian salad with chicken

    If you want an easy, delicious and fast recipe, you have to prepare this authentic recipe for Russian salad with chicken. You will love how fresh it is.

  • Tofu: recipe with soy germ salad

    tofu recipe with salad and soy germ

    A very healthy and light meal awaits you with this recipe tofu with soy germ salad. To prepare it!

  • Asparagus salad with barley

    asparagus salad

    There are no more excuses for not taking care of yourself. We tell you how to prepare a rich asparagus salad with barley. Perfect for you!

  • Beet salad with arugula and goat cheese

    Beets Salad

    You will love the combination that this beet salad with arugula and goat cheese offers you. Don’t miss out on this recipe.

  • Original shrimp skewers with bean salad

    shrimp skewers

    For you to try something really original and delicious, we prepared some shrimp skewers with bean salad. We tell you how to prepare them.

  • Mango breaded shrimp salad

    breaded shrimp salad with mango

    We share a recipe that will surely become one of your favorites. Make this Breaded Mango Shrimp Salad.

  • Greek salad with panela cheese

    Greek salad

    We bring you a quick and light option for lunch. Enjoy this Greek salad with panela cheese, ideal to take care of yourself.

  • Red snapper fillet marinated in guajillo and broccoli salad

    red snapper fillet

    Get ready to try something really delicious. We tell you how to make a red snapper fillet marinated in guajillo accompanied by broccoli salad.

  • Fusilli salad with mushrooms

    Fusilli salad with mushrooms

    You’ll love this Mushroom Fusilli Salad. Its combination of flavors will make it one of your favorite recipes.

  • Japanese style rice salad

    Japanese style rice salad

    An ideal option to take to work is this Japanese style rice salad. If you also want to try it, be sure to know the recipe.

  • Warm wild rice salad with surimi

    rice and surimi salad

    Surimi everyone with the taste of this rice and surimi salad. Follow the step by step to prepare this delight.

  • Melon salad with caramelized goat cheese

    Melon salad with caramelized goat cheese

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  • Tropical fruit salad with baked salmon

    Tropical fruit salad with baked salmon

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