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23 savory tartlets to succeed at Christmas

23 mayo, 2021

In this time of parties and meals with family and friends, the ideas for preparing are finished and there comes a time when we no longer know what we can cook. That is why we propose you 23 savory tartlets to succeed at ChristmasSurely among them you will find a proposal that will win you over.

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Being a small bite, they are easy to taste and are not heavy, in addition You can prepare different fillings so that there is variety when presenting them. We advise you to finish them shortly before serving, so that the dough does not soften, it will not take you long if you have the base and the filling ready, you just have to assemble them before taking them to the table.

Bittersweet tartlets


Love it combine sweet and savory flavors in the same dishSometimes just a slight sweet touch is enough to lighten the rigidity of a preparation, and in others both are balanced so well that taking a bite to the mouth is to rise to seventh heaven. Tartlets are a great opportunity to mix two trends that at first seem antagonistic, because due to their small size, the result is totally exquisite.

To start with, we propose these foie tartlets and pear compote, two ingredients that combine perfectly, although you can substitute the pear for apple if you like it more.

We also recommend you to bet on these original sobrasada tartlets with honey and pine nuts, in which it is better that you do not exceed the amount of honey so that the end result is not cloyingThat is why it is better that you add it little by little until you achieve a just balance. We leave you here the complete recipe, which as you will see is very simple.

Sobrasada tartlets with honey and pine nuts

We heat the oil in a small frying pan. Add the pine nuts and lightly toast them over low heat. We add the sobrasada, stir for a minute and pour the honey over it. We mix everything well and when the honey is well integrated remove from the heat. We fill the tartlets with the mixture of sobrasada, honey and pine nuts. We serve at the moment preferably.

Tartlets with cheese


Cheese is an ingredient that is especially suitable for preparing tartlets, because when heated it melts and mixes with the rest of the ingredients getting a honeyed and frankly delicious texture. The type of cheese you choose will determine the final result a bit, depending on whether it is softer or stronger, that is why we have chosen a few recipes so that you have a choice:

Tuna tartlets

Tuna Tartlets

If you decide to prepare the tartlets with tuna, choose a high quality one, so that the final result is the best. In particular, I prefer tuna in virgin olive oil, but if you think that the flavor is too strong, you can opt for a natural tuna, so that its flavor does not predominate over the rest of the ingredients you choose.

Usually we usually have a can of tuna in our pantry, because they give a lot of play and are kept for a long time, that is why these two proposals can save you from a last minute cigar if you find yourself in the need to prepare an aperitif and have not been able to go shopping. First of all we propose you some tuna and caramelized onion tartlets, but if you prefer an easier and simpler recipe, opt for these tuna and hard-boiled egg tartlets, with them you will triumph among the little ones.


Egg tartlets


If you have noticed, preparing some salty tartlets can be the most complicated task if we start preparing our own more, or the easiest if we choose use some dough wafers as dough. Therefore, if you are stuck for time, it is best to choose this second option, as in these individual tartlets of eggs with bacon that you can have ready in a few minutes.

And what about these delicious fried egg tartlets with chorizo ​​and Padrón pepper? Sure with them no one at the table will hit you or give you bad faces. The same as with the following two proposals, among which it will surely be difficult for you to choose a single option: some egg tartlets with sausage and some ratatouille tartlets with anchovy and eggs.

Tartlets with mushrooms

Mushroom Tartlets

We are in mushroom season, so this ingredient could not be missing from our tartlet proposals, as it is also a very tasty ingredient that gives a lot of play, both alone and accompanied. Surely among these four proposals you will find one that will immediately call your attention to cook it:

Tartlets with vegetables


In order to those of you who prefer a lighter version of tartlets, we have three great recipes that will disappoint you. To start with some spicy tartlets with green asparagus, although be moderate with the spicy so that it is not too heavy. We continue with some very easy to prepare bread and vegetable tartlets, and finally, some puff pastry and aubergine tartlets whose crunchy dough will conquer you at the first bite.

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Tartlets with meat

Duck Confit Tartlets

In order to finish with our repertoire of tartlets for these parties, two high altitude recipes, somewhat more elaborate than the previous ones but with a five-star result. It will be worth spending a little more time in the kitchen to be able to taste both these duck confit tartlets and these roast beef tarts with spinach cream, ricotta and pumpkin. Which of the two do you want?

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