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23 recipes with chipotle chile that are as easy as they are inexpensive

25 mayo, 2021

If there is a chili that all Mexicans love, this is the chipotle. We can find it in the most traditional stews, exquisite sauces and even in those little snacks that we like to prepare on weekends.

Today we invite you to prepare these delicious recipes with chipotle that, in addition to being delicious and easy, are inexpensive, suitable for all budgets, and perfect to prepare any day of the week.

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Chipotle benefits that you should know

Besides being tasty, it’s healthy! Chipotle has vitamins A and C, as well as minerals such as iron and potassium. It strengthens the immune system and the best: it is low in calories! Do not forget to know its benefits:

Powerful antioxidant

chipotle meatballs

This chili has a rich amount of vitamin C, an antioxidant necessary to prevent the wear and aging of cells.

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Chipotle is antiseptic

Shrimp skewer a la diabla with chipotle

Not only does it give your food an incredible flavor, it also has curative and preventive properties. Chipotle is an antiseptic that does not cause irritation and has an antimicrobial effect, which prevents the development and formation of malignant microbes in the body.

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Good for digestion

Chicken breast in chipotle sauce

Be sure to try this chicken breast in chipotle sauce. You will love every bite!

With capsaicin, chipotle causes a stinging sensation when eaten. However, far from irritating the stomach lining, this ingredient helps to have a good digestion.

Capsaicin is a chemical that tells the stomach to release more gastric mucus, which helps the digestion process.

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Chipotle lowers cholesterol

pork ribs with sauceIn addition to controlling cholesterol levels in the body, it also helps reduce triglycerides and platelet aggregation, keeping the main arteries of the lungs clean.

Not only that: it also increases the ability to dissolve the fibrin that forms clots in the blood, which improves circulation and increases metabolism.

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Prevents cancer and diabetes

Chipotle chicken broth

Capsaicin also works to prevent different types of cancer, such as prostate, lung, and pancreas. This is because this substance decreases cancer cells and metastasis.

Finally, it reduces the risk of contracting hyperinsulinemia, or type 2 diabetes, since chipotle slows the excessive production of insulin.

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Chipotle recipes

See Recipes:

  • Chipotle Bacon Sausage Bites

    If you have a craving for a delicious snack to accompany your meals, you have to prepare these chipotle and bacon sausage sandwiches.

  • Chipotle mayo fries

    chips with mayonnaise and chipotle

    Put a twist on a snack classic and prepare your fries with chipotle mayonnaise, they will be irresistible for everyone.

  • Chipotle sauce with raspberry

    Chipotle sauce with raspberry

    You’ll love the combination of flavors in this raspberry chipotle sauce. We give you the step by step to prepare it.

  • Bean soup with tortilla

    bean soup with tortilla

    You are going to love this delicious bean soup with tortilla. We give you the step by step to prepare one of our richest recipes.

  • Chipotle Bacon Chicken Milanese Torta

    Milanese cake

    It’s time to garnache! And what better than with a delicious chicken milanesa cake with chipotle and bacon. To enjoy!

  • Chipotle surimi chips for your Mexican party

    chipotle surimi chips

    Do you already know what to serve for your Mexican party? These chipotle surimi chips will be a success at your celebration.

  • Ribs with raspberry, mango and chipotle sauce

    pork ribs with sauce

    If you are a fan of sweet and sour flavors, you have to try these delicious pork ribs with fruit sauce. To lick your fingers!

  • Loin in mango sauce with chipotle

    pork tenderloin in mango sauce

    A good cook knows that for the tenderloin to be complete it has to be served with a delicious sauce and this recipe is the proof.

  • Chipotle meatballs

    chipotle meatballs

    Surprise your family with the perfect mixture of sauce and meat, prepare these delicious meatballs with chipotle.

  • Chipotle Sausage Cocktail

    sausage cocktail

    Sausages are a perfect ingredient to enjoy on a snack table or as a complement, that is why we teach you how to prepare the best chipotle sausage cocktail. Tips …

  • Shrimp skewer a la diabla with chipotle

    Shrimp skewer a la diabla with chipotle

    Lent is approaching and it is important that we look for delicious cooking options, including our cravings. Do not forget to try an irresistible skewer of shrimp a la diabla with chipotle, …

  • Chipotle dip with tuna

    Chipotle dip with tuna

    Spicy flavored dips are a must at meetings. And they are better if you make them at home! That’s why we bring you this chipotle dip with tuna. …

  • Chipotle cold meats crepes

    Chipotle cold meats crepes

    Do you like to start the day with a spicy breakfast? These chipotle cold cuts crepes are perfect for you. Here we tell you how to prepare them so that they are delicious. Tea…

  • Esquite with chipotle mayonnaise

    Esquite with chipotle mayonnaise

    Esquites are one of those snacks that you cannot miss a weekend. If your plan is not to go out and stay at home, we invite you to prepare a delicious …

  • Sweet Chipotle Garlic Sauce

    Sweet Chipotle Garlic Sauce

    Yes or yes you have to prepare this rich sweet chipotle garlic sauce for your family. Its flavor is exquisite, therefore, we share the complete recipe with you. It’s not…

  • Chipotle chicken broth

    Chipotle chicken broth

    It does not matter if it is hot or cold, a chipotle chicken broth will always be well received by everyone, since its incredible flavor is compared to nothing, apart …

  • Chipotle maple syrup wings


    Chipotle maple syrup wings to share! Do not hesitate and invite all your friends to your home. With these snacks you will be the host of the night. Go on…

  • Cream cheese with plum, chipotle and mint sauce

    Forget the typical snacks and let yourself be surprised by the incredible flavor that cream cheese with plum, chipotle and mint sauce gives you; you will like it so much that you will not be able to …

  • Tamarind and chipotle chicken


    What you need to spice up your day is make tamarind chipotle chicken! This is one of the new recipes that we have in Easy Kitchen that does not …

  • Chipotle chilaquiles with chicken

    Chipotle chilaquiles with chicken

    Whether you are dying for some chipotle chilaquiles with chicken for breakfast or lunch, don’t forget to prepare them with great flavor and lots …

  • Lemon and chipotle fish strips

    Strips of fish with lemon and chipotle.

    What a treat! If you are a lover of spicy things, this recipe is especially for you. You will also love it because you need very few ingredients to taste the strips of …

  • Chipotle tamarind sauce

    Chipotle tamarind sauce

    Chipotle tamarind sauce has a unique flavor. It’s so perfect that you can use it with everything from tacos al pastor to fish wallpaper. I don’t know …

  • Chicken breasts in chipotle sauce

    Chicken breast in chipotle sauce

    The chipotle chili is one of the favorites of Mexican cuisine. And, of course, a rich guest to our Christmas dinner. Be sure to try these chicken breasts in sauce …