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23 ideas for smoothies with seasonal fruits in fall

22 mayo, 2021

Autumn is a symbol of many things, but we tend to forget that it is also loaded with many seasonal fruits that we can now enjoy at its best. We finally have national apples, pears and oranges, but they are not the only ones that the market offers us at this time.

For those who find it difficult to reach the recommended daily intake, smoothies with fruits are a good way to take them at home and take advantage of both their flavor and their properties. They should never replace whole fresh fruit, but the shakes and smoothies Homemade, occasionally, they can be a great complement to the diet, and much healthier than juice.

Seasonal fruits in fall (and healthy recipes to consume them)

Autumn fruits to prepare smoothies


Grapefruit Smoothie

Oranges, mandarins, lemons, limes, grapefruits … citrus fruits -and their most fashionable varieties- are the great kings of the greengrocer in the cold season. In addition to being at their best, they offer us many healthy properties beyond vitamin C, they are low in calories and rich in water and fiber. To take better advantage of them, nothing like grinding them whole -peeled-, taking advantage of their pulp.

We have, for example, recipes such as the grapefruit or grapefruit and pineapple smoothie, enriched with yogurt and milk, easy to customize to taste; if we have fruit at its ripeness point, well aromatic, we will not need to add any sweetener.

Lima Smoothie

The tangerines They are delicious on their own, but we encourage you to add them to smoothies in recipes such as the pineapple, tangerine and ginger smoothie, which also adds orange juice but we can do it using this whole fruit to give it more texture.

Lemon and lime They are citrus fruits widely used to dress or prepare vinaigrettes, sauces and marinades, but we cannot forget them as luxury ingredients in homemade drinks. An example is the creamy lemon and spinach smoothies, or the pineapple, mango and coconut with lime, the full recipe of which is attached below:

Peel the mango and pineapple. For the mango it is easier to cut it in half and extract the meat with a spoon, pressing the edge of the skin, if it is ripe. Discard the central part of the pineapple because it is usually very tough and stringy. Cut into small cubes and place in a freezer-safe bag or container. Freeze for at least an hour. If we leave it longer we will have to let it thaw a little when we take it out, or the fruit will be too hard. When we want to drink the smoothie, place the fruit in the glass of a blender or food processor. Blend lightly. Add the almond milk, coconut water, turmeric, and lime. Grind and check the texture. Add more liquid to taste and blend very well until you have a smooth and creamy texture, not too thick or too runny. Serve immediately with a little grated coconut, if desired.


Banana and grape smoothie

As much as we are determined to devour it on New Year’s Eve, the truth is that the best time to enjoy the grape is in the middle of autumn. Very rich in antioxidants Thanks to flavonoids, it is a source of fiber, quality carbohydrates, vitamins and water.

With a very powerful blender we could add the white or black grape to any smoothie recipe, without worrying much about the seeds -which are perfectly edible-. Another option is to bet on seed-free varieties, which are already abundant in the market, and enjoy recipes such as the banana and grape smoothie at any time, better without any added sugar.

Mango is at its best: what you should know to choose the juiciest and get the most out of it


Mango and Berries Smoothie

Little by little we have to get used to the idea that autumn is also synonymous with delicious national mangoes. At the end of the summer when they begin to be harvested and we have different varieties, all excellent for preparing smoothies. And if we freeze it, they will be even creamier, available like that all year round.

With the very tasty mango we can prepare smoothies in which almost any other fruit combines very well, even vegetables, for example:

Apple and pear

Almost interchangeable in recipes, despite having very different flavors, apples and pears cannot be missing in the autumn fruit bowl. Actually the different varieties of each fruit they offer us different nuances of flavor and texture, but all of them are highly recommended to add to smoothies.

It would be a shame to waste all the flavor and properties of both when preparing smoothies, so we prefer to recommend their use in drinks with more substance. The greener and crispier, the more it will cost to grind them; if we let them mature a little they will give us moister, smoother and sweeter shakes.

Green Apple Smoothie

Worth take advantage of the skin, well washed, if it does not bother us that the shake comes out something more fibrous. With a powerful mixer with good blades and combining other more liquid ingredients the problem will be solved.

What ideas to prepare with them, we have for example this green smoothie ideal for breakfast, with spinach, kale, banana and flax; this other apple and kiwi smoothie, also green but more fruity; or a kiwi and pear smoothie, very creamy.


Kiwi Smoothie Bowl

Kiwis are also grown in Spain, this time in the north of the country, especially in Galician areas. In autumn it is in a great moment thanks to the Atlantic climate and we can take advantage of it to add more vitamins and fiber to our diet.

In addition to the aforementioned recipe with pear, we can try this delicious green kiwi, arugula and oatmeal smoothie bowl to devour with a spoon and the toppings that we fancy, or also this warm fruit smoothie for colder days.


Actually, we are lucky to have Canarian bananas practically all year round, and due to its properties it is perfect to enrich all kinds of shakes and smoothies. If we let it mature a little, we will have a natural sweetener which also adds creaminess without worrying about hard fibers. Always previously peeled, of course.

It is perfect for smoothing more “aggressive” shakes, that have strong-flavored vegetables, or for turning a smoothie almost into a tempting dessert. These are some of our favorite recipes:


The campaign of spanish avocado lasts until approximately the month of May, leaving us a few cold months much tastier thanks to this instagrammable fruit. Fashions aside – we believe that it is already far exceeded – it is a fabulous product to enrich our smoothies, as it does not resemble any other fruit.

Avocado Cream

Its very mild flavor and honeyed texture, thanks to its high content of healthy fats, make it a ideal ingredient to give creaminess to drinks. In this way we can even make silky and thick shakes and smoothies without resorting to dairy products or equivalents of any kind.

Now the fever has subsided a bit, but from time to time viral recipes pop up again on social media based on avocado. It happened with a famous smoothie on Pinterest, which although it does not work miracles it’s great.

Thanks to the aforementioned texture, avocado smoothies easily become a delicious dessert. You just have to try the smoothie with strawberry and cheese or the avocado cream with coconut and lime, to which adjusting the texture we can make more liquid to drink it with a straw.

Glass tuppers: store, organize your food and reduce plastic in the kitchen

Mixers to get the best shakes at home


Unlike juices and smoothies, shakes and smoothies basically consist of blending the ingredients very well. This gives us an advantage: we can use different mixers getting almost the same results.

Without entering the world of multifunctional robots, more expensive, bulky and with other culinary utilities, we can distinguish two main types: the hand or arm mixers -also called túrmix or minipimer- and the glass or American. But of course, there are also notable differences between the different models in each category.

Braun MultiQuick 5 MQ5000

The German brand is the one that gave origin in our country precisely the popular term “minipimer”, since it launched its first model decades ago. What basic and functional arm mixer, We have this model as number one in sales on Amazon and one of the best valued, with more than 1200 evaluations.


It is an off-road model for day to day, with 750W of power, stainless steel blades with a design anti-splash hood, and 21 variable speeds. It comes with a 600 ml vertical measuring cup, but if it falls short we can always grind directly into any other container.

Braun MultiQuick 5 MQ5000 Soup - Hand blender, 750 w power, 21 speeds, stainless steel hood, includes 600 ml measuring cup, white and gray

Braun MultiQuick 5 MQ5000 Soup – Hand blender, 750 w power, 21 speeds, stainless steel hood, includes 600 ml measuring cup, white and gray

Moulinex QuickChef DD655D10

Moulinex blender

With more accessories and more power motor (1000W), we have this option from Moulinex that can give us much more play in the kitchen, if we do not have a mixer or we have to renew ours. In this case we have 10 variable speeds and a turbo mode, with the brand’s Powelix Technology that uses four blades designed to give greater shredding performance.

The measuring cup is larger, 800 ml, and also has an accessory for whipping dough, emulsifying or whipping cream and eggs, a 500 ml mini chopper. This utensil is also very practical for making smoothies, or more specifically individual smoothies and smoothie bowls.

Moulinex QuickChef DD655D10 1000 W Hand Blender, with 10 Turbo Speed ​​Regulator with 2 Chopping and Mounting Accessories and Measuring Cup, Splash Dome, Steel

Moulinex QuickChef DD655D10 1000 W Hand Blender, with 10 Turbo Speed ​​Regulator with 2 Chopping and Mounting Accessories and Measuring Cup, Splash Dome, Steel

### Nutribullet NB 90928R This brand is one ** of the most popular in America **, especially in the wake of the rise of health, * fit * recipes and sports nutrition. Conceived like the glass blazers, the Nutribullet differs in that it is focused on a more ** individual ** use, and that it works upside down.


In this way, you just have to fill the glass with the ingredients, place the lid that already has blades, and put it upside down on the base of the blender. After shaking it can be turned around again and ** thus directly ** the shake in the same glass, to work or to the gym. In fact, it includes a closed * flip-flop * cup. It has a very powerful 900W motor that ** beats at 25,000 rpm **, sharp stainless steel blades for shredding …